Mystery Success

Two weeks ago, Lily brought home a certificate that said “Congratulations”, but she had failed swimming Level 1 for a second time.

Today we returned to the daily grind of swim lessons. Lily has not been back in a real swimming pool since that fateful Swim Fail day. We have not practiced any strokes or talked about swimming much since our first round of lessons ended two weeks ago.

Yet today when we returned to swim lessons, Lily was promoted to Level 2.

I don’t get it.

Neither does Rose, who takes swim lessons at the exact same time as Lily and thinks she was also promoted to Level 2. She wasn’t, and I have very little confidence that she will make it this summer. It’s going to be interesting tomorrow when she sees her big sister abandon her for a different area of the swimming pool.

To quote the fight I keep having with her:

“No! I’m in Level 2!”

“Not yet. You’re still in Level 1. Maybe if you work hard you’ll be in Level 2 soon!”

“NO!!!! I’m in Level 2! I swam in Level 2 today!”

No. I promise you. No.



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2 Responses to Mystery Success

  1. You will definitely have to keep us updated on the progress here lol.

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