Nap Hell

We’ve hit a rut in our everyday life and that rut is called the double toddler nap.

You might think toddler naps are great. You might be living in that world where you look forward to the toddler nap so you can get “so much done”. And I agree. Toddler nap is wonderful. I like toddler naps. My older kids quit their naps earlier than I would have liked and I sent them off to afternoon preschool just because I missed toddler nap so much when it went away.

But I do NOT like TWO LONG toddler naps a day with two other children in the house.

I rely on getting out of the house to keep us all from driving each other crazy. My older kids sleep super late. The baby is ready for her morning nap not long after the bigger kids get up. This means we can’t get out in the morning. We are stuck here. The timing is awful and she takes such a LONG morning nap that she doesn’t eat lunch at the same time as anyone else. She takes such a long morning nap so soon after she wakes up that I don’t get to pay much attention to her or teach her anything before she falls back to sleep because I’m busy with morning chores.

I dislike it greatly. Naps are meant for afternoon.

But don’t worry! The afternoon nap is still there too just to louse things up.

When the baby finally drags herself up from her long morning nap, I still have to feed her lunch before we can get out of the house. Sometimes we make it. Sometimes everything goes perfectly and we escape before she’s ready for nap number two. But often I can’t get the timing right. And anyway, by the time Nap #1 and lunch are over, it’s not that long until my husband comes home. It seems like an awkward time to leave. The whole point of leaving is to make the day go faster, but if I’m out with the kids at a time when my husband could be helping me with the kids… well that’s just stupid.

Also, most daytime activities start during morning nap. Our neighborhood kids are out in the morning while the baby is napping and the kids and I are trapped waiting for this nap to be over. We can’t go anywhere. We can’t play with anyone. It’s awful.

Two nap schedules are stupid. Two nap schedules ruin lives. Down with two naps. Let’s move on to the one afternoon nap starting at 1 pm world, baby. My other kids entered this world long before this point. Why does the third kid have to sleep all day? Why couldn’t it have been the first kid? I could have napped then! I could have cleaned (in theory).

Oh, Violet, you can nap. Take a long nap! But wait until after our morning activity so the rest of us can have lives!

To be fair, today there was only one nap, but it lasted from 11:30 am to 4 pm. How is a person supposed to go anywhere when such madness is happening. And yes, I know I could wake her up and sometimes I have to, but I prefer not to. I believe that babies should sleep as much as they want without interruption if possible. But damn I need out of the house.



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2 Responses to Nap Hell

  1. Rachel

    What about a stroller nap for the morning nap? Even if it doesn’t turn into a great nap, it’s maybe not a big deal because you want her to drop that one anyway. So if it’s not ideal, she doesn’t fall asleep, which is OK since she can sleep in the afternoon, and if she does fall asleep, she’s in her stroller and you’re out and about already, so everybody wins? (I guess I didn’t have to deal with kids falling asleep in cars, since we were always on foot and in strollers, but that would be a bummer.)

    • She’s usually not in the stroller long enough for this to work out. It does work for the zoo, but if we’re running errands we’re in and out of the car and grocery carts constantly.

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