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I just finished watching “Felicity” on Netflix. I know I’m 10 years late for the party, but why did Felicity even like Ben? He was a total loser. No matter what he did, he screwed it up. He treated Felicity badly in most episodes. He drank too much and constantly beat people up. He was flunking out of school. Why did Felicity love this loser when she could have had Noel? I mean, sure, Ben is good-looking and can be nice and funny sometimes, but for the most-part he totally sucks. Also, he always whispers and mumbles and is almost impossible to hear. How did they get away with broadcasting talking Ben before DVRs? I often have to pause and rewind to hear that loser.

I don’t get it.

Noel was sweet. Aside from briefly contemplating going back to his ex-girlfriend freshman year, he always treated Felicity with respect. He had a career path and did well in school. He was kind of careless and stupid in his relationships after Felicity, but aside from that was a respectable human being and way more lovable than Ben. Plus, you can hear him when he talks.

I know it’s a little late to declare it, but I’m totally on Team Noel. I can’t believe there was even a Team Ben or that Ben is ultimately the one Felicity chose.

Why, Felicity? Why?

But really, was Felicity that much of a catch aside from her looks? I have some thoughts about her coming up some time soon.

So what team were you on? Ben or Noel?



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  1. Thank you!!! My name is Felicity and I totally agree! I even wrote to the WB to complain that they were giving us Felicity’s of the world a bad rap (I was in high school–it seemed like a good idea at the time). I never heard anything back. When the show was out, I regularly got, “like the TV show?” in response to people learning my name. No, not like the TV show! The TV show didn’t exist when my parents gave me my name and I’ve got a brain in my head. It’s not often I come across things with my name (you know, mini license plates, personalized toothbrushes, TV shows)…the WB could have done so much better.

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