Swim Fail, The Return

As I posted earlier, Lily was shockingly moved to Level 2 of swimming this week after failing Level 1 at her previous swim lesson. Today the opposite happened. I was sitting in the parent coral a ridiculous distance away from the actual swim lessons. The parents are infuriatingly not allowed to sit close enough to see much of anything, but I noticed Lily was suddenly sent away from the Level 2 group to take class with the Level 1 group.

What the hell? No one had talked to me about this at all, and I was pretty sure no one had talked to Lily either. I couldn’t tell if she was ok about this. When she’d been moved to Level 2, we’d all made a huge fuss about it and now she was back in Level 1? WHAT THE HELL?

I stood questioning it with another mom and kept saying “Should I go say something? I feel like I should do something. I should, right?” She said she would be over there yelling at the instructors. So I went (though I didn’t yell). I didn’t wait for the lesson to be over. I went right then and asked what the hell was going on because seriously WHAT THE HELL? You can’t play with a kid’s emotions like that! “You fail! Nope, just kidding, you pass. Nope! Wrong again! FAIL!!!!”

I ended up interrupting two swim lessons because two different teachers had to come over and explain what was happening, but I don’t care. They could have avoided this by telling me what was going on BEFORE the lesson or after yesterday’s lesson. Indeed, they told me they’d decided to move her back down yesterday, so it’s not like they couldn’t have told us about this in advance. I asked if they’d explained to Lily why they’d moved her down and they said they hadn’t! I mean SERIOUSLY. This is a little girl here. Let her know what’s going on so she doesn’t feel like she’s done something wrong.

The explanation for all of this was that the person who had tested her on Monday had been too lenient and Lily wasn’t ready for Level 2. Trust me, I could have told them that. In fact, THEY told me she wasn’t ready for Level 2 two weeks ago. That’s why I was so surprised when they moved her up! They said in some of the other time slots for Level 2 she might have been ready, but the Level 2 in our time slot was too gigantic for them to give her the attention she needed. Again, I could see that. BUT TELL ME before you do something like that so I can prepare my child for the fact that you are demoting her after I gave her SO MUCH praise for being promoted.


Lily, luckily, was actually happy with the change. She was upset during her one day in Level 2 because she was the only kid who couldn’t float without help. She likes Level 1 better and was more upset that they had moved her up when she wasn’t ready than she was that they had moved her back up. She said in tears “They shouldn’t have moved me up! They made a mistake! I can’t float!”

And as I told her repeatedly, SHE didn’t do anything wrong. THEY did. Fine, you accidentally put a kid in the wrong level. TELL the parents or work a little harder with the kid. Don’t just demote her without communicating with anyone! It’s not like I’m not there for the swim lesson.

This rant was brought to you by our city pool’s swimming program. Once this session is over in a week and a half, I think we are finished with these people and taking swimming elsewhere. So far, we’ve cut the city pool’s swim lessons and a local dance studio out of our lives for ridiculous customer service. Who’s next?! Is it really this hard to be organized and good at communicating with parents when you are giving children lessons?!



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  1. Keep her in some form of swim lessons because the skills are invaluable. I hope that you are able to find a swim teacher that can work with you guys. I had many great ones. Of course it helped that my mom was the one who hired and trained them too….

    Wish i lived closer, I’d offer to teach your kids some basic swim skills :)

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