What She Heard

Yesterday the big girls were biking around the block when Lily got out of my view. I heard a car honk and the paranoid side of me was filled with dread that Lily had been hit by a car. I raced ahead to see if I could see where Lily was.

Rose was right behind me riding down the sidewalk on her bike.

I saw Lily within 15 seconds. She was absolutely fine. She had just been hidden from view by a car parked in a driveway.

Rose, however, was NOT fine. Apparently she got very scared that she’d lose me forever in that 15 seconds I was running away from her. She was pedaling as fast as she could crying hysterically.

Keep in mind that I was in plain sight the entire time. I was maybe a half a block ahead of her. Not that far. The girl lives in fear that she’s going to get lost. You could see our house from where we were!

I explained to her that I was sorry that I’d raced ahead, but I had been worried about Lily and I had wanted to make sure she hadn’t been hit by a car. I had needed to make sure Lily was safe and in that moment it had been more important than being inches away from Rose. I explained I would never leave her. And that I HADN’T left her since she could SEE me.

Tonight my husband took Rose for a bike ride and she would barely pedal because she was “too scared” because of what happened yesterday. Here’s what she apparently thinks happened on her last bike ride.

1) She fell off her bike onto the grass. (She did, but she got back on right away and wasn’t hurt or scared at the time.)
2) I left her because Lily got hit by a car and died.

Healthy Lily was standing right there when Rose explained what happened! It’s a miracle!

I wonder what else she gets out of the explanations I give her for things.


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