This morning we all got up at 7 am, got ready for school and were about to head out to the bus stop when I discovered a message on my cell phone.

We had a fog delay. On the fourth day of school. They delayed school on the fourth day for fog.

It was clear outside by the time I was even awake. Seriously?

I grew up in a school system with a superintendent who was a sadist when it came to cancellations and delays. School was never cancelled. Like ever. In my entire 12 year public school career with this school system, we had maybe three delays and two cancellations. In TWELVE YEARS. And trust me, it snowed and was foggy. Often. We lived in an area badly affected by lake effect snow, but school was never cancelled. We lived in an area with lots of hills and swampland (it’s completely flat here). The fog could be very dense. School was never delayed or cancelled. You just drove slower. Sometimes you were late to school. Sometimes your bus was late getting you.

It just boggles my mind how often my local school system cancels or delays school. We have several cancellations and countless delays per YEAR here vs. the less than five delays/cancellations we had in 12 years at my childhood school district. I know times have changed and people are more aware of possible lawsuits or child endangerment, but COME ON. Are our children made of glass? Can no one drive in snow or fog anymore?

I don’t get it.



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  1. I grew up in a school system that would not cancel for most any reason, it took an act of God to make them cancel or even delay school. Now that I’m a bus driver I can only think of a handful of times where it would have been better for the children to stay home. Even in those, we have very rarely cancelled for inclement weather. When I was in school we never canceled because it was too hot either. The teacher opened the windows and threw the fans on full blast.

    I think the whole cancelling thing is more due to pacifying parents. Here, if it rains, we have to make an effort to get the kids as close to their front doors as possible. Short of driving INTO their living rooms, I’m at a loss as to how to do that!

  2. barney

    In my school years, I got exactly two cancellations, due to hurricane alert (I live in the opposite side of the oceans to hurricanes, so they are bad storms at most when they get here). One of them, I remember as bad, but not worse than usual winter storms. The other one, it did not even rain in my town, but it pulled the roof out of a nearby school, so it was for the best…

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