My Beads

The other day I was wearing the strand of pearls my mother gave me when I gave birth to one of the kids. The horrible thing is I can’t remember which kid I got which piece of jewelry for. It’s all blending together.

Anyway, I was wearing the pearls and Rose comes up to me and starts playing with them.

“Mommy, I like your beads! They are so pretty.”

“My bees? What bees?”

Ah, 3 year old pronunciation.

“No, your beads! They are pretty pretty beads.”

And I laughed, because I’m a horrible mother.

“Oh honey, those are pearls.”

And that is when I realized that these kids need a full tutorial on gemstones and jewelry.

And also that Rose has very expensive tastes, but given her obsession with fashion and the fact that her favorite My Little Pony has diamonds on her butt, I suppose I already knew that.


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  1. Rose sounds like my younger sister. She is a very girly girl… and she was the kind of child who would get toys for christmas, but then never ever ever open them or if she did, she would keep them in pristine condition.

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