Roku Bandits

The trouble with having three children is that it means three extra people to lose the remote control. We currently stream Netflix and Hulu Plus through a Roku streaming box and have no other forms of television aside from DVDs. Actually, I guess we have an antenna, but neither my husband nor I have been very successful in getting it to change channels properly. Only one of our remotes works with the Roku.

Every night after the kids go to bed, I go to watch some Netflix and the Roku remote is missing. Every single night. Every single time.

I usually can find it somewhere. Tonight is not one of those nights. It’s missing and I really want to watch some mindless television. We bought a universal remote at some point, but couldn’t get our Roku to work with it. We are out of luck if that Roku remote is missing! And it ALWAYS is.

One time I REALLY couldn’t find it and was getting so exasperated. When Lily came down in the morning, I asked her where it was.

“I hid it! I didn’t want Rose to use it.”

The Roku remote was hidden behind DVDs inside the entertainment center. I never would have found it in a million years. You know who can’t watch tv if you hide the remote from your sister? EVERYBODY ELSE.

Not cool.

And now the baby can walk. Sometimes she grabs our Roku remote and then leaves it… anywhere in the whole house.

It’s impossible. I miss the good old days when you could just control the tv FROM THE TV so a missing remote wasn’t such a big deal. Unfortunately, I really need that remote or I can’t watch ANYTHING.

I mean, I lost the remote before we had kids too, but at nowhere near this frequency. This is ridiculous! I quit!




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8 Responses to Roku Bandits

  1. get velcro and put the remote out of reach?

  2. We lost our Roku remote for about a month – luckily there is a Roku app (for Android, I’m not sure about iPhones) that works as a remote. Thankfully my husband did find our remote.

    But if you have a smart phone, the app might be a good backup option.

    • We don’t have smart phones yet because we are near computers ALL DAY LONG anyway and I’m a SAHM. That sounds AWESOME though. I wonder if there’s a way to do it through my laptop?

  3. Anne

    Aren’t there thingamabobs that you can attach to objects that are likely to get lost that will beep if you send a signal to them? I feel as if I’ve seen ads for ones for keys– maybe you could attach something along those lines to the remote.

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