Bruise Debate

This morning I fell down the stairs. It wasn’t a huge life-threatening fall, but I hit my thigh pretty good and then slid down a few steps.

Minutes after my fall, I turned to my husband and said “I’m going to have a killer bruise.”

I could feel that the bruise would be bad the second I fell.

My husband misheard me and said “You have a bruise ALREADY?!”

And I repeated myself. I hadn’t actually looked at my leg yet (and I still haven’t, but it’s sore and I KNOW it has to be bruised). I explained that I could tell by the way my leg felt and how I hit it that there would be a bad bruise.

“How can you tell?”

Well, I just fell on it really hard on the edge of a stair and it hurts like hell. That’s how I can tell. My husband seems to think you can’t tell in advance if you are going to bruise. I think he must not be klutzy enough to have had the amount of bruises I’ve had. Sometimes you just know you are going to get a bruise and can feel it right away.

Or at least I think I can. Now I’m doubting myself. Surely I’m not the only one who can tell when I’ve just been bruised without looking at my injury?



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4 Responses to Bruise Debate

  1. Krystina

    I totally can tell. I hit my legs and thighs on things all the time at work, mainly because I’m clumsy, but also because there’s so much stuff in a hospital room!

  2. Laura

    I tend to bruise quite easily but I can ALWAYS tell if a bump/collision/fall/etc will or will not cause a bruise – so you aren’t alone :)

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