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My husband had a work commitment the night of Lily’s birthday, so the day before we had a little family party for her where we unveiled what we thought was her biggest and most exciting present: A Wii Fit from her paternal grandpa.

Lily LOVES the Wii at my mother’s house so much that she talks about it constantly between visits there. We were sure she’d love it. Both my husband and I had our video cameras rolling expecting the most excited birthday present reactions ever. We anticipated it to be the present excitement to end all present excitements. It was supposed to be like those videos of kids you see bursting into tears when their parents tell them they are going to Disney World.

Well, that didn’t happen. Lily opened her present and instead of getting excited and asking if she could play with it, she asked if she could go play outside with her friends.


I mean, who the hell opens a new video gaming system and doesn’t want to immediately become a video gaming zombie? I know I wanted to try the Wii right then and there!

She didn’t even want to decorate her birthday cake with me, a coveted activity she’d talked about all day, all week even, because she saw her friends were outside down the street.

When did friends become more exciting than cake and brand new Wiis? I don’t think I’ve matured to that point yet. Or maybe I’ve matured past it? It’s hard to say. We let her go. I decorated the cake with Rose instead and decided at the last minute to take the cake down the street to share it with our neighbors. We ended up having an impromptu birthday party for her in someone else’s front yard.

It’s days later and the Wii has been played almost non-stop, so obviously she likes it, but in that moment the Wii had no appeal because her neighborhood besties were hunting for bugs and eating popsicles down the street.

What’s Lily’s favorite part of her birthday? “I really liked it when you brought the cake out to my friends and when you saved Scootaloo.

Six is going to be a great year.


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