High Pitched Voices, Round 3

Violet loves babies and dolls, perhaps even more than Rose did at her age and definitely more than Lily did. Lily still isn’t all that into dolls, but she does love My Little Ponies something fierce.

Lately when Violet plays with dolls, she has been shaking them around while talking in a very high-pitched voice. It took me a while to realize what was going on, but once I did I started laughing. Violet is aping her big sisters, who use falsetto voices whenever they make their toys “talk.” She was making her dolls talk exactly the way she hears her big sisters do it! Apparently the falsetto for dolls starts at age 1, everyone. AGE 1!

The funny thing is, Violet’s dolls dialogues were about as understandable as the big girls’ toy talk even though Violet has less than 100 words. I can never understand what Lily and Rose are saying when they make their toys talk! They speak in such high voices and so quickly that none of it makes any sense to me or Dr. Toy Warden. Violet could easily swoop in and play with them doing falsettos of fake language and they probably wouldn’t know the difference.

Or would they?

I always get in trouble for “not playing right” when I try to make the toys talk. Maybe they do understand each other.

Or maybe they don’t and I’m getting in trouble for speaking legibly?


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