Stupid Timing is Stupid

The last two years, we have had a combined birthday party for Lily and Rose. Their birthdays are only a month apart and since they are only 2 years apart and went to the same preschool class last year, at this point they share all their friends. Having two birthday parties would be redundant and expensive. Maybe once they start having friends independent of each other we’ll give them independent birthday parties. Maybe not.

This year we are having their party at a lego building place. It’s actually a lot less expensive than I thought, and I don’t have to clean my house. All I have to do is hand over a check and the entire birthday party is planned for me, including food, activities, goodie bags and thank you notes. Stressfree. Or so I thought.

I did a stupid thing.

I play bunco with 12 women in my neighborhood. Once a year, I have to host bunco at my house, which means I have to clean my house beyond recognition, set up two extra tables with 12 chairs and cook a huge amount of food.

For some idiotic reason, I signed up for September.

And then, even stupider, I made bunco at my house the same week as the birthday party.

And my parents, their two dogs, their pig AND my sister have decided to come to the birthday party, which means they will be staying with us. Which I technically enjoy, but man, that’s a lot of stuff in one week! And I had the birthday party elsewhere to avoid cleaning and crowding– well guess what I’m doing this week? Cleaning and crowding!

So– stressfree birthday party NOT in my house has turned into birthday party with houseguests including two extra dogs and a pig and a giant neighborhood event with tons of cooking and cleaning by me in my living room a few days beforehand.

Man, I’m idiot.

Oh well. It could be worse. We could be having the birthday party HERE with two extra dogs and a pig. And I could be cooking for the birthday party!



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4 Responses to Stupid Timing is Stupid

  1. Dan Schultz

    And, along with our dogs and pig, we can’t wait.
    Just be glad I did not pick up the puppy I saw on Sunday.

  2. Nonni

    It could be worse. Could be 4 extra dogs and a pig!

  3. Nonni

    Hey, daddy must have written “and a brother in law…” because it wasn’t me!!!

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