Toy WTF: Ariel’s Boob Song

Sorry for the blogging lapse. I survived Hostess Hell week, and possibly even did a decent job of it aside for the fact that all of my other duties (blogging being one of them, laundry being another) were neglected.

Anyway, to make up for my absence, I took some pictures of toys in the toy section this week. Check out this monstrosity.
At first glance, this doll is adorable. Look at that cute Little Mermaid smiling at you while wearing a dress. For once she’s not just wearing a seashell bra, so it’s not as “scandalous” as it could be. I never had a problem with the seashell bra, but this top is a little more modest.

But then she has a seashell BETWEEN her boobs.

Which would be fine, except you are supposed to PRESS the seashell between her boobs to get Ariel to talk.

That’s right, the “Talk” button on this Ariel doll is right between her boobs. This toy encourages you to feel up the Little Mermaid so you can make her talk.

It’s wrong on so many levels.

Why isn’t the seashell necklace up around her neck where mandatory boob poking wouldn’t be necessary to make her talk. She says some great things, but the boob poking steals her thunder.

And if that weren’t enough, Ariel is wearing a dress WHILE also having a fishtail, which makes no sense in terms of the movie. In the movie, she only wore a dress when she had legs. Do they think we can’t see her fins while she’s wearing the dress? Because we can. They are right there.



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