Today marked our seventh 2-hour fog delay in 6 weeks of school. As I’ve posted before, I went to a school system that NEVER cancelled school unless it was, like, 20 below and the buses wouldn’t start. Having this many delays for a little fog is mind-boggling to me. The locals all defend it, claiming it’s an important safety protocol because much of our school system is rural. Um, I had horses and goats in my backyard when I was a kid and lived on a super hilly road with tons of ponds on it. The fog was much thicker than anything I’ve ever seen here in flat-as-a-pancake world. I obviously lived in a rural area, and school was never cancelled or delayed.

I am lucky. I am a stay at home mom so these delays don’t disrupt my childcare plans or make me late to work. They do ruin any plans I may have. Rose’s school does not get delayed, so when Lily’s is delayed I have to pick up children every 90 minutes all morning long. It makes it impossible to accomplish anything else, especially in weeks where these delays have happened virtually every other day.

The fog delays are happening so frequently lately that my husband has come up with what seems to be the obvious solution: School should just start 2 hours later. Then we wouldn’t be delaying it every 5 seconds for fog or snow or travel obstacles because it already starts then. People would already know about the childcare situation and get it covered instead of scrambling every other day trying to figure out what to do with their kids if something happened. School would go later in the day, but that would take care of the after-school care many parents scramble with right now. High school would run 9 to 4, middle school 9:30 to 4:30 and elementary school 10 to 5. Everyone would come home in time for dinner. After school activities could be moved BEFORE school. It’s easier to take kids to school early for those things when “early” is 8 or 9 am than it is to pick them up “late” from activities that often don’t get out at an exact time.

See? Easy. No one likes going to school at 8 am anyway. Remember how impossible 8 am classes were in college? Remember how terrible it was to get up for your 6:40 am bus in high school? No one likes that insanity! Make it later! Who can learn that early in the morning anyway?

At this rate, we’ve had so many delays that school practically does start at 10, so why not simplify things for us?


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