Fun with Carseats

A few weeks ago, Lily told me she was 40 pounds on the scale at school. I was doubtful, but hopeful. You see, 40 pounds is the magical number where a child is “safe” to ride in a booster carseat instead of a 5-point harness.

Now, I know there are movements out there to keep your child in a 5-point harness for as long as possible and I get that, but at the same time I’m sending my 6 year old on a carseat-free school bus everyday and am expected to keep her in a toddler carseat when she rides in my car. It’s an expensive hypocrisy, but I go through with it “just in case” as I don’t want any regrets if we get in an accident.

Lily got too tall for her convertible carseat earlier this year despite not weighing enough to get out of it, so we invested in a Graco Nautilus with a 5-point harness. It was more than $150 at the time and we cringed when we paid it, but she was under 40 pounds and I’m paranoid about rules. So instead of a $50 booster, we got the ritzy 5-point harness seat.

Meanwhile, Rose is about to outgrow her convertible for height and also does not weigh that magical 40 pounds despite being a tall(?) 4 year old. And Violet has outgrown her infant seat for height (it’s never weight here) and needs to be moved to a convertible NOW, so Rose needs to vacate that seat (and hopefully it’s not “expired”). If I could get someone in a booster seat instead of a Graco Nautilus, I’d be saving myself close to $100. I could give SOMEONE a high-backed booster and switch all the seats around if SOMEONE weighed 40 pounds.

So last week when we had Lily’s annual check-up, I had my fingers crossed that at 6 years old she finally weighed what most 4 year olds weigh. Surely at age 6 and 44 inches tall, she HAD to weigh 40 pounds. Rose, who is two full years younger than her, weighs 35. Come on, Lily, let’s make the scale tip to 40 pounds. Save Mama $100!

Lily didn’t weigh 40 pounds. She weighed 36.8 pounds.

An hour ago, in a fit of paranoia over a cheaper 5-point harness carseat for larger kids, I ordered another expensive Graco Nautilus off Amazon instead of moving Lily to a booster and Rose to Lily’s 6-month-old Nautilus and Violet to Rose’s convertible (if it’s not expired. PLEASE DON’T BE EXPIRED. Or at least be good for another year when I can move HER to a Nautilus. HEY! Maybe someone will be in a booster then!!!).

Carseat rules. I’m too paranoid not to follow them, but man they are a bummer sometimes. Why couldn’t Lily have weighed 3.2 more pounds?!

At this rate Lily will take her driver’s test while sitting in a booster seat.


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