“Then She Won’t Be Her!”

Rose turned 4 years old today. The first thing she said when she woke up, after exclaiming that there were balloons in her room, was “Am I 4 today? That means my favorite color is red!”

For months, Rose has made it clear that she expects turning 4 to be a big transformation. At 4, she would magically no longer need a potty seat, her favorite color would turn to red and she would like wearing colors that aren’t blue (or red). I’ve told her all along that she doesn’t need to change ANY of her favorite things, but I heavily encouraged no potty seat and wearing other colors.

This afternoon, Rose made the following declaration:
“Now that I’m 4, red is my favorite color and Ariel is my favorite princess. Not Cinderella. And I don’t like pretending to be a kitty anymore. When you are 4, you are not a kitty.”

Upon hearing this, Lily burst into tears. It took her a while to voice what was wrong. “That’s not Rose!”

She was worried that if Rose had all new favorites, Rose wouldn’t be the same person. She wouldn’t know or like this new Rose.

I explained that no matter what Rose liked, she would still be Rose. I also told Rose, again, that just because she was 4 didn’t mean she had to like new things. She could still love Cinderella and blue and being a kitty even if she was 4 (but she couldn’t use the potty without a potty seat or wear only one color).

It wasn’t long before Rose was meowing again. Then she asked to watch Cinderella.

I’m sure someday she’ll move past Cinderella, kitties and the color blue, but something tells me that her announcements today were a bit premature.


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