Things I Hate That Everyone Else Seems to Love

1) Football. Most televised sports really, but football especially. I hate football season. I hate watching my facebook feed light up with game updates. I hate having football on the television. Yuck.
2) Mint-flavored desserts. Mint breath mints, gum and toothpaste are acceptable. Mint flavored ice cream, cakes, pies or cookies are disgusting. I hate Thin Mints in particular and I get really angry when I discover a chocolate dessert I’m eating has been in the same room as mint. It gets contaminated somehow.
3) Citrus-flavored desserts, especially orange flavored desserts or when people try to mix orange with chocolate. Blech.
4) Twitter. I keep trying to understand and get into twitter, but I can’t figure out how and why it’s better than facebook.
5) Ferris Wheels. They always seem like they would be fun in theory until I get to the top and look down. Not good or fun at all.
6) Socks. They make my feet feel sweaty and itchy. Why do people love socks? I’ll wear them to keep my feet warm or when I wear gym shoes, but I hate every minute of it.
7) Scarves as fashion accessories. You look stupid. They are acceptable for work, but nothing else.
8) Bangs. They are never the right choice. Ever. EVER.
9) The Twilight Series.
10) The movie version of “Devil Wears Prada.” It totally missed what the book was trying to do and it pisses me off.
11) My husband insists that I put “Cleaning” on this list. Most people dislike cleaning, but he says I seem to hate it more than most people based on how irritable I get when I’m doing it.


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  1. I didn’t get Twitter until I got a smart phone. I only use it on my phone.

    Hate Twilight and my husband hates Ferris Wheels.

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