Written Command

A friend recently gave the girls something called Living Sands for their birthdays.
I knew the girls would have a blast with this, but when I saw the word “sand” I thought the word “mess.” Once my mother got Lily Moon Sand and we were cleaning it up for weeks. So needless to say, I was reluctant to let the girls play with the Living Sand unless I was in the mood to vacuum. Which is never. I never want to vacuum.

For two weeks, Lily kept pestering me to let her play with Living Sand, but she always chose the absolute worst time to ask me. She would always ask like 5 minutes before we were about to eat dinner or leave the house or 5 minutes after I’d vacuumed. The answer was always “Ugh, not right now! Maybe tomorrow!”

But then tomorrow would come and we’d get busy and she wouldn’t ask again until it was a really inappropriate time for her to play with it.

One day Lily had had enough of my procrastination. When I said “Maybe tomorrow,” she said “I’m writing that down on a note for you, Mommy! Then we’ll have to play with Living Sand tomorrow when I show you the note!”

And she did.
She wrote it in pencil, so it’s a little hard to make out, but it says “Wednesday were play-n with Living Sands” (sic).

Well, she told me!

The next day I finally let them play with it outside and you know what? It wasn’t that messy at all. It was actually LESS messy than Play Doh and eons less messy than Moon Sand (never buy Moon Sand). Who knew?

Next time she asks, I’ll totally let them play with it inside the house, even if I’m not “in the mood” to vacuum.


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