No One Needs That Stall Anyway

Today we were at a public restroom that had five stalls and a changing station, but the changing station was positioned so that when it was in use no one could access one of the bathroom stalls. Either the person using that stall would become trapped or no one could enter the stall.

I was changing Violet on the station while all the stalls were in use except for the one blocked by the changing station. A woman came in to use the restroom and was looking under all the door. I finished Violet and put the table up and told her the stall was open, sorry to block it but it was someone had poor foresight when designing that bathroom.

I truly am baffled by how seldom the changing table is in a place that makes sense. Maybe when I go back to work, I should become a professional changing table consultant and help stores and restaurants realize where they went wrong– or prevent stupid mistakes like this one from happening.

I mean, really, if someone had been in that stall when I started changing Violet, they would have been trapped! Who are these bathroom design idiots? Whoever they are, they clearly have never changed a diaper.


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  1. Meg

    I think it has to do with the original bathroom design most of the time…the architect didn’t think to design stall/sink/hand dryer placement such as to leave a good place for the changing table.

    Can we talk about those dang hand dryers? The scare the crap out of my kids every time. Or the design of the changing stations? I usually find the straps have slid into the joint between the table and the wall part…now it’s no only in a crappy spot but it won’t fully shut.

    ( I’m surprised by the vehemence of my opinions on this!)

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