Hello out there!

Where have I been?

*1 week with the in-laws in another state.

*Recuperating from 1 week with the in-laws in another state and the 11 hours it took to get home. Plus unpacking, cleaning and all that fun stuff.

*Dealing with three bouts of children puking and wondering if I too would puke (not yet).

*Watching my always ill-equipped and poorly-trained-in-snow-management town get buried by an amount of snow they can’t handle. I’m beginning to think it will never be legal to leave our house in a car again. It’s a good thing I went grocery shopping on Friday… but if we can’t get to the store again by Friday there could be issues (the temp will be much higher than. I assume life will resume? It has to resume and be legal to travel at some point, right? Right?!)

*Dealing with my kids being out of school for 3 weeks, two of which we’ve been unable to go anywhere due to puke or snow and one of which where the older one was SUPPOSED to be in school but snow had other plans.

*Watching “Frozen” as many times in the theater as I possibly can. Listening to the “Frozen” soundtrack over and over and over again. Watching youtube clips of “Frozen” over and over and over again. We’re in love.

*Contemplating the validity of “Saving Mr. Banks.”

*Throwing out toys in the basement without anyone noticing.

*Meaning to blog every single day, but spacing out and watching “Star Trek: The Next Generation” or “Frasier” instead. Hopefully I’ll be breaking that pattern soon!


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