Not an Olympian

Rose is a gymnastics drop out.

A few months ago, I signed the girls up for a kindergarten gymnastics class. It was for ages 4-6, so I just shoved them both in the same class, which also included two of their best friends from the neighborhood. At first, everyone seemed happy, but a few weeks in Rose started having issues with the class. Somehow, she’d end up in the lobby crying about halfway through almost every single class. The problem didn’t happen regularly until I’d signed her up for a second session of classes, so we ended up with her leaving the better part of seven classes to cry in the lobby.

That will be $90 for your child to cry, please.

When we went to pay for Lily to continue the gymnastics class because she loved it, my husband informed the owner that Rose would not be taking class anymore and the owner actually said “Good!”

That’s right, our gymnastics teacher said “Good!” regarding our child quitting gymnastics.

It was THAT bad.

I’m so proud!

Needless to say, Rose won’t be an Olympic gymnast.


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