Olympic Gender Bender

Lily: Is that a boy or a girl skating?

Me: That’s a boy.

Lily: Are you joking? He looks like a girl!

My husband: A lot of the figure skating costumes look a little girly, but that’s a boy.

Rose: Only girls can black skate.

Us: Black skate? What do you mean?

Rose: What they are doing right now.

Me: That’s ICE skating. Not black skating. And boys can ice skate. Boys can do anything girls can do, just like girls can do anything boys can do.

Rose: No! Boys can’t wear costumes!

Me: Yes, they can actually. And they do.

Lily: What about that one? That’s a girl, right?

Me: Nope. That’s another boy. We’re watching men’s figure skating, so they will all be boys.

Rose: But it looks like they are dancing! Boys don’t dance!

Me: Some boys dance.

Lily: But it looks like girl clothes!

Me: Some boys wear girl clothes. Some girls wear boy clothes. Anyone can wear any clothes they want.

Lily: You’re kidding me, right?

Clearly I haven’t prevented these girls from learning gender bias, but outside of social isolation, who can? Oh well. We’ll keep talking and they’ll get it someday.



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2 Responses to Olympic Gender Bender

  1. Nonni

    OMG! Where do they get these ideas?!!

  2. Anne

    Also your husband needs to start dancing in costume around the house more! ;)

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