The Power of Flower

If nothing else, one thing lately I’m sure I got right is my kids’ middle names. On this blog, they go by their middle names: Lily, Rose and Violet. The flower theme was at first semi-accidental. “Lily” and “Rose” just went best with my first two kids’ first and last names. The fact that they were both flower names was a bit amusing, but not particularly on purpose until we got to the last baby girl. If you have two big sisters with flower middle names, clearly you also should have a flower middle name. We couldn’t have her left out of the theme.

When I was pregnant with Violet, people kept teasing me about what her middle name would be. “Is that a Tulip in there? What about Daisy?” Only Violet, Iris and Ivy were contenders and Violet sounded best with her first and last names. In fact, I don’t think it sounds like we did anything on purpose with her until you hear all three full names together, which doesn’t happen often.

I wondered if the kids would be regretful of my silly flower theme, but (at least at this stage of life) they LOVE it. They love going in the garden and planting flowers that “mean” them. They love assigning their poor baby sister the favorite color purple because of her being a Violet. They love that when I wear rose, lily or violet jewelry that it symbolizes them. It’s been really nice and I highly recommend doing something similar.

And if that weren’t enough reason to love flower middle names, Rose has added a new one. When she plays princesses these days, she calls all of her sisters by their middle names. “We are the princesses of flowers with the power of flowers!” she claims. They live in Flowerville and use their flower powers to defeat evil. I guess evil people must be allergic to flowers.

I guess I must be evil then?

If Rose and Violet dress up like Cinderella (Lily hates dress up), Rose actually gets angry if you refer to either of them as Cinderella. “NO! I am Princess Rose of Roseville and this is Princess Violet of Violetville and we live in the Flower Kingdom!”


Flower Power!


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