Jenica, The Toy Warden, keeper of this blog

I am a journalist who cut my floundering newspaper career short to stay home with my daughters. I’ve been blogging in various forms since 2003. I was a features and education writer and editor at a tiny newspaper before I left my job in the rapidly diminishing newspaper industry.

Violet, Rose and Lily, up to no good as always.

Staying home with Lily, 5, Rose, 3, and baby Violet has been the most rewarding and entertaining job I’ve ever had. The things they do with their toys crack me up. I started Creative Kids Play to share this humor and with the hopes that other parents would contribute their photos and stories as well. The contribution aspect didn’t take off (though submissions are always welcome! Please, send them to me at creativekidsplay@gmail.com) and I found that I got more hits when I just told funny parenting stories.

Thus, this blog has evolved into rants about toys, children and what I hope are hilarious parenting anecdotes. I particularly have a lot of thoughts about potty training and changing stations. Who ever thought that poop would take such a prominent place in my writing?

I also have running commentary where I make fun of some children’s tv (TV Tuesdays) and bizarre toys (Toy WTF). I try to run a crudely-drawn cartoon on Fridays provided technology and my cartoon muse cooperate.

And that’s Creative Kids Play– a toy humor/parenting foible/cartoon/kids tv blog about the bizarre things I come across that make me laugh.


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