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Kids Play: Happy Halloween!

Lily: Mommy, what are you going to be for Halloween?

Me: I don’t have a costume yet.

Lily: We need to get you one! You need a mask (pronounced “mass”).

Me: I guess you’re right. I SHOULD have a costume.

Lily: I’ll help you pick it out. We go to the store and buy you one. And Daddy. Daddy needs a mask too.

How could I say no to that? So this past weekend, we went to Meijer and hoped to find the perfect masks while we were grocery shopping. They didn’t have anything my husband or I liked, but Lily was insistent that we get these too “frightful” (per the packaging) masks.

My mask is the one that looks like Freddie Krueger. When I put it on, she told me I looked pretty. My scary mask makes the baby laugh.

Lily keeps making my husband and I put on our masks and then she puts on a mask she made at preschool. Excellent pom pom ball placement, don’t you think?

While we are all wearing the masks, she tells us that our masks and her art project mask “match the same”.

We’re going to be quite the sight trick-or-treating– a kangaroo, a butterfly and two masked thugs.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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Pumpkin Carving Always Makes Someone Cry

Last year, my older daughter Lily was reduced to tears (and tantrum) when I wouldn’t let her touch the knife I was using to carve her pumpkin.

She was only 2 when we were carving last year’s pumpkin and this year understands my explanations a lot more. I was pretty sure not being allowed to touch the knife wouldn’t cause a break down this year, but I knew 1 year old Rose wouldn’t understand it. In an effort to avoid tears over pumpkin guts this year, I had my husband keep Rose inside while we were carving.

My efforts failed. Rose knew Lily and I were outside and was upset she wasn’t allowed to help with all the fun pumpkin carving. We ended up bringing her outside and she crawled around happily not touching the knife the entire time. Next year I’m pretty sure we won’t be so lucky.

I wanted to start a lot of traditions in our family about Halloween, but crying over pumpkin carving wasn’t one I would have predicted.

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