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Kids Play: Playing with Food

Yesterday I noticed Rose’s food was disappearing at an alarming rate. I knew she had been holding an empty tissue box, but it took a while for me to realize what she was doing with it.

Not only was she stuffing all her food in this box, but she also had a bunch of Little People accessories in there and her pacifier thermometer. I particularly like that the Little People Hanukkah oven is in there with all the food. She just had to prove that 15 month olds are hilarious.

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Toy Analysis: Hanukkah Little People

I was delighted when my friend Liz sent me a link to Hanukkah Little People. Before I could even ask, my grandmother saw the link to them on facebook and had ordered them for the girls. We opened them on the first night of Hanukkah Wednesday and they are a big hit.

I love the toy and am excited to add it to our Little People universe. If you are Jewish, I highly recommend ordering one. That said, a few things about this kit make me laugh.

Check out who is doing all the cooking. It’s a little hard to see, so I took my own picture of it.

That’s right. Mom has a spoon forever cemented to her hand so she make matzoh ball soup for all of eternity. You could argue that the spoon is there for eating, but it’s clear in the advertising picture that she is meant to cook. Not only is she meant to cook, but no one is helping, not even the grandmother. The grandmother is holding a present. Grandmothers don’t cook; they give presents!

Why isn’t Dad helping in the kitchen?

He’s too busy getting drunk. My, that wine glass is full!

Given the head-coverings on these Little People, I’m guessing they are Orthodox Jews, but how do they keep good strict kosher with only one refrigerator? I’m only a Reform Jew with a love of pork bacon so my knowledge of keeping strict kosher is limited, but it’s always been my understanding that Orthodox Jews keep two refrigerators and two sets of plates to keep meat and dairy completely separate. I don’t think these Orthodox Little People are doing it!

Is that ham I see on the top shelf? Gotta love the giant cake on the bottom shelf.

And if that weren’t enough, there’s the Star of David AND a not-a-menorah on the refrigerator door… it only has five candles in it. How would we know this was a Jewish family if they didn’t have religious (and inaccurate) refrigerator art? I know my refrigerator is always covered with Star of Davids. If the Star of Davids weren’t all over my refrigerator, I’d never remember that I am Jewish.

I really do love this set and how it makes our holiday feel a little more mainstream. It just makes me giggle for inappropriate reasons.

Happy Hanukkah, everyone!



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Kids Play: Chicken Commentary

3-year-old Lily’s thoughts on this Little People chicken: “Oh! He only has one leg! Where his other leg? He broken. He can’t walk.” *knocks over the bird*

I never would have noticed the “missing” leg if she hadn’t said or done anything. I presume the bird is holding his other leg up under his “feathers”.

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Kids Play: Is your llama a mama?

My parents have a llama. Yes, a llama. Don’t ask.

Because of this llama, my daughter has two llama toys, including a llama Little People. Yes, they make a Little People llama. What’s odd is that it was easier to find a Little People llama than it was to find an Asian Little People family (still haven’t found one, google has failed me). I guess the demand for llamas is higher than the demand for ethnic Little People? Who knows.

She, of course, has decided these llamas are a family. The big llama is Mommy Llama, so one would assume the little llama is Baby Llama. Nope. The little llama is our dog, apparently, Lumpy Llama. I don’t know why. This llama looks nothing like him. Then again, the big llama looks nothing like me, I hope.

Lately, Mommy Llama has taken to giving Lumpy Llama big hugs. Llama hugs. She tells Lumpy Llama she loves him and then carries Lumpy Llama all over the playroom.

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Kids Play: Woody’s Gas Tank

Today my husband caught Lily fueling Woody up at the Little People garage. Apparently, his empty gun holster is how you get gas into his “tank”.

I never knew Woody was a fuel-based toy.

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Kids Play: Godzilla Baby

My almost 11-month-old thinks every toys main function is to help her stand. Whenever she pulls up on our old-school Little People parking garage, I think she looks like Godzilla overtaking Tokyo.

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Crab Love

One day, I heard 2-year-old A making her Little People A (the doll that is allegedly her) cry. She kept asking Little People A if she was ok. Little People A said she needed a hug. I turned around to discover that Little People A was talking to a crab with a heart of gold. This crab had endless amounts of hugs for whatever Little People figurine needed him.

The crab even wanted to come inside the house to comfort people. He’s a very good hugger. I personally would be scared if a giant crab wanted to hug me, but the Little People love this guy.

Also, Mommy and Daddy Little People like to look out the window. And who doesn’t have a horse on their porch?

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All in a day’s work

Even though they are discriminated against by the other toys, dump truck drivers Dan and Larissa take their jobs very seriously. The Little People depend on Dan and Larissa to drive them to various locations throughout the house.

The Little People always stand neatly in the same arrangment in the back of the dump truck, but when they get to their destination, Dan and Larissa kick them out of the dump truck in a hurry.

Perhaps this is payback for being excluded from barn and roof parties?

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Darth Dolly

Dr. Fizzy, the mastermind behind A Cartoon Guide to Being a Doctor and a regular blogger at Mothers in Medicine, sent in this toy story.

Dr. Fizzy’s 3 year old daughter M has Star Wars action figures. Instead of playing Darth Vader as the scary villain he is, M does what any 3 year old girl would do. She turns him into a doll who needs to be coddled. Naturally, Darth Vader and his stormtroopers should be tucked into bed in her Little People dollhouse. I mean, what other purpose do action figures have?

Darth Vader and the stormtrooper got to take turns using the comfortable baby cradle. Isn’t that nice of them?

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Toy Discrimination

My 2 year old A is obsessed with her Little People. She decided a long time ago that the mommy, daddy and baby that came with her house represented her REAL Mommy, Daddy and baby sister. Shortly after she played with these things obsessively and kept asking where she was, we got her an A doll. After a couple weeks of this, we had our friends Dan and Larissa over. The day after they were here, A declared that these two plastic dolls she had were Dan and Larissa.

Meet Mommy, Daddy, Baby, A and Dan.

Dan and Larissa aren’t technically Little People. They professionally drive dump trucks for an educational toy collection.

Since Dan and Larissa don’t technically belong in the Little People world, A routinely discriminates against them. They are not allowed to go to barn or roof parties. If I try to put them inside the barn during a party, they are quickly thrown out.

They are denied most of the privileges of the other Little People. They’re not allowed to ride the horse or cow. They can’t drink from the water bucket, apple crate, drink from the milk bottle or eat doll A’s carrot.

When Dan is allowed to play with the other Little People, he is mean to them and generally very violent. (I should note here that real life Dan has been nothing but a gentleman to A.)

Often Dan and Larissa also get pushed under the couch. I’m pretty sure all of this poor treatment is due to toy discrimination. If Dan and Larissa were actually Little People, maybe they would be treated better? Who knows. The doll that represents A’s grandmother, Nonni, comes from a MegaBloks horse stable set. It took a couple weeks, but Nonni was eventually allowed into roof and barn parties. Maybe Dan and Larissa are just excluded because A doesn’t know them well enough?

We’ll never know for sure, but for now I feel badly for our professional dump truck drivers. It’s hard work to drive a dump truck. They should get a little more respect.

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