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Potato Head Diet

I have nothing to say that Greg Proops didn’t already say. Thanks for sending me the link, Liz!



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Kids Play: “You When You Were a Baby”, Part 2

My daughter recently decided that a small stuffed raccoon is my husband when he was a baby. Well, now she’s built a potato head to represent me when I was a baby.

I apparently had no nose when I was a baby. I also had Angelina Jolie lips.

I think perhaps Baby Me was inspired by Potato Head Mommy Me. I constantly hear about how “‘Toy Story 3′ has you in it, Mommy, when you were a Potato Head”. We have a Mommy Potato Head Me. Here she is with Baby Me. You can see the resemblance in a way that makes much more sense than Raccon Baby Daddy.

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Kids Play: Angry Shoes

According to Lily, the blue shoes Mr. Potato Head is not wearing in this picture are his angry shoes. The identical but slightly lighter blue shoes he is wearing are his happy shoes. I’m not sure how he keeps them straight.

This was probably inspired by “Toy Story 2″ outtakes, but who knows.

Happy New Year, everyone! Be sure to come back Monday for my week of “Sesame Street” rants.

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Kids Play: Santa

Even though we are Jewish, Santa comes to our house. Lily has a lot of thoughts about Santa, though most of them came from school already. Santa brought her sister a Santa Mr. Potato Head and Lily has a lot of thoughts about this. According to her, Santa wears a red hat with a white ball on top and shaving cream all over his face.

Also, “Santa Mr. Potato Head was NOT in ‘Toy Story 3′. He’s new. He’s NOT a Toy Story friend.” Yet at least five other potato head figures are allegedly Toy Story friends. Santa is excluded for some reason. Who knows.

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Kids Play: It’s Backward

Look carefully at our Potato Head ears (and my handsome husband in the background, but ignore the clutter).

Our Potato Heads always have their ears on backward, or at least what most people would consider to be backward. Lily insists that the backward ears are forward. Whenever one of us flips the ears the “right” way, she gets really upset and says “NO! That’s backward!”

If you think about it, the way she does her Potato Head ears looks a bit more like human ears than the way Hasbo designed it. So, really, she’s brilliant and not weird for doing this.

Ok, she’s probably a little bit weird too, but what else is new?

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Kids Play: We all sing with the same voice

Ever since she first heard the song in preschool, Lily has been obsessed with “We All Sing With The Same Voice”, this beautiful song shown here on “Sesame Street”.

You can’t begin to understand how many times a day I am asked to play that video on my laptop!

She now knows all the words, even some of the obscure stuff. She sings it constantly, but she’s not the only one she makes sing it. She goes to the piano, lines up her Mr. Potato Head family, and hammers the piano while having the taters sing.

She also has become an abstract artist over this song. Whenever I ask her what she’s drawing, she says “This is ‘We all sing with the same voice! See?’”

Whatever she says!

Her preschool teacher says Lily might be drawing a picture she saw in the book they look at while they are singing. That sort of explains why Lily is repeatedly flipping through “Cat in the Hat” and “Cat in the Hat Comes Back” singing the song, though I’m pretty sure the “We All Sing With The Same Voice” book looks nothing like Dr. Seuss.

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Kids Play: Daddy Potato Head

After my daughter Lily saw Toy Story 3, she insisted that we needed a “Mommy Mr. Potato Head”. Once Mommy Mr. Potato Head joined our household, she kept asking where “Daddy, Baby Rose, Lumpy Puppy and Lily” Potato Head were.

We’ve ALWAYS had a MISTER Potato Head, but she insisted that Mr. Potato Head was NOT Daddy. He’s MISTER. So after months of her asking us for “Daddy, Baby, Puppy and Lily Potato Head” multiple times a day, we got the hint and for her birthday we got her a Potato Head family of four as well as a dog Potato Head.

Even though we now have four regular-sized Potato Heads, any of which could be Daddy, Lily insists that the GIANT Potato Head container the family of four came packaged in is Daddy. Naturally. I mean, he’s totally to scale.

Meet our Potato Head family. Front row: Mr. Potato Head, Lumpy Potato Head, Lily Potato Head; Back row: Mommy Mister Potato Head, Daddy Potato Head and Rose Potato Head.

Lily keeps lining them up like that and saying “Here’s our family! Mommy, Daddy, Rose, Lily, Lumpy and Mr. Potato Head.”

Apparently Mr. Potato Head is now a member of our family. I wish someone had told me!

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Kids Play: Toy Story Friends Devoured

I just discovered this in this playroom.

“Wow,” you say. “That sure is a big Mr. Potato Head… but wait… what is that behind his eyes? Is that? It can’t be… It is!”

That’s right. It’s a Woody doll from the “Toy Story” movies. “There’s a snake in my boot, but Mr. Potato Head still ate me!” says Woody. Doesn’t he look scared? The casing is making his mouth look like he’s in distress!

If that weren’t bad enough, when I turned Mr. Potato Head, I discovered he also ate Cowgirl Jessie!

I have no idea how these events transpired. All I found is circumstantial evidence of something that was clearly hilarious. I wish I’d been paying more attention this morning!

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Kids Play: Photo Session

How you know you’ve been taking too many pictures of the things your kid does with her toys:

Yesterday, 3-year-old A ceremoniously piled all of her “Toy Story Friends” (mostly Mr. Potato Heads and their pieces) onto an armchair. Once they were all there, she declared that she needed to take a picture. She took out her toy camera and took several “pictures” of the mess.

I wonder where she got this idea, and yet here you see I had to take a picture of her taking a picture of what she did to her toys. Makes me wonder what kind of behaviors I’ll be creating with all this photo taking!

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That’s perfect!

My 2 year old A is developing a sense of humor. Recently she cracked me up with the joke she made up about her Mommy Mr. Potato Head and Mr. Potato Head. She rearranged their faces like so

and came to me and said “Something’s wrong!” I pretended like I didn’t notice anything wrong with Mommy and Mr. She cracked up and then acknowledged what she’d done and fixed them.

Later she brought them to me all messed up again and I said “Oh no! What’s wrong?” and she retorted “That’s perfect!” When I tried to “fix” the Potato Heads, she made me stop by insisting they belonged in this arrangement.

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