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Kids Play: Circle Time, Version 2

As I mentioned before, my 3-year-old daughter is obsessed with role-playing her preschool’s circle time. She says circle time is her favorite part of the day. Based on the few times I’ve seen her at circle time, I’d say she means it! Lately she’s been setting her toys up on the recliner in our toy room for their own circle time.

Once they are all set up, she reads/sings them “We All Sing with the Same Voice” from her “The Cat in the Hat” book.

If I want Lily to clean the playroom, I tell her to put her toys in circle time and she arranges them exactly like this. Every toy has its own exact spot in the “circle”.

I’ve found it’s better to have my recliner as a toy shelf than an open chair. If we put the toys away where they technically belong, when it’s time to play again she trashes the place looking for all the right potato head pieces and “Toy Story Friends”. If they are all out on the chair, she has less to search for, destroy or put together (all the potato heads are assembled exactly the same way every time. Taking them apart just leads to chaos.). It’s still a mess, but it’s a slightly more contained mess. Sort of.

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Kids Play: Is your llama a mama?

My parents have a llama. Yes, a llama. Don’t ask.

Because of this llama, my daughter has two llama toys, including a llama Little People. Yes, they make a Little People llama. What’s odd is that it was easier to find a Little People llama than it was to find an Asian Little People family (still haven’t found one, google has failed me). I guess the demand for llamas is higher than the demand for ethnic Little People? Who knows.

She, of course, has decided these llamas are a family. The big llama is Mommy Llama, so one would assume the little llama is Baby Llama. Nope. The little llama is our dog, apparently, Lumpy Llama. I don’t know why. This llama looks nothing like him. Then again, the big llama looks nothing like me, I hope.

Lately, Mommy Llama has taken to giving Lumpy Llama big hugs. Llama hugs. She tells Lumpy Llama she loves him and then carries Lumpy Llama all over the playroom.

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Kids Play: Circle Time, Version 1.0

Lily started preschool about a month ago. Ever since, she’s been obsessed with the concept of circle time (for those unfamiliar, this is when the teacher sits the kids down for a story, singing and learning). She’s doing a ton of representations of circle time in her play. This is the first one I was able to catch with my camera.

I asked her what she was doing and she said “It’s circle time! It’s circle time! Let’s read a story!”

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Kids Play: Stomach Flu Jamie

Nicole’s daughter L has a baby doll named Jamie who has become a member of the family. Jamie has been known to join in family pictures and wear matching dresses with L and her sister G. Jamie does everything that L does, including get sick.

Sometimes Jamie gets so sick she has to throw up in her toy toilet.

When Jamie gets sick, L goes into full doctor play mode. L gives Jamie a very complete check-up including listening to her chest with a stethoscope, taking her temperature with an ear thermometer and, most importantly, suctioning Jamie’s nose. What check-up wouldn’t be complete without some booger-sucking?

Once the check-up is complete, Jamie gets a dose of medicine.

And, of course, once Jamie had her medicine she was magically well enough to go to the beauty salon to get her non-existent hair cut and styled. Her equally bald twin sister Jessie also needed a cut and style. I hope that stomach flu wasn’t contagious!

Thanks for the submission, Nicole!

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Kids Play: Photo Session

How you know you’ve been taking too many pictures of the things your kid does with her toys:

Yesterday, 3-year-old A ceremoniously piled all of her “Toy Story Friends” (mostly Mr. Potato Heads and their pieces) onto an armchair. Once they were all there, she declared that she needed to take a picture. She took out her toy camera and took several “pictures” of the mess.

I wonder where she got this idea, and yet here you see I had to take a picture of her taking a picture of what she did to her toys. Makes me wonder what kind of behaviors I’ll be creating with all this photo taking!

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