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The Banishment of the Ball Popper

A few weeks ago, Mommy Little People was missing. We looked everywhere, she wouldn’t turn up. Finally, I discovered her lodged in our ball popper. It took quite a bit of mechanical work to get Mommy Little People back out of the ball popper. My husband had to use a screwdriver to dismantle the whole thing and still had trouble getting Mommy out.

This wasn’t the first time I found a Little People lodged in the ball popper, but it was the first time we couldn’t get the thing out without tools. I made an announcement.

“If you ever put another Little People in the ball popper, the ball popper is going in the basement. I don’t care how much you like the ball popper, but your Little People don’t go in it.”

Because you know if we weren’t able to get a Little People family member out, tears would be shed.

Well, this week Daddy Little People was missing. Guess where we found him?

How does this even happen?

Daddy and the ball popper almost didn’t make it without the help of a sledge hammer. Both survived, but it was close.

Goodbye, ball popper. You were fun and annoying, but not worth the headache until we have an actual baby to play with you again.



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Mommy Elf

These photos were contributed by my old high school pal Katie.

Apparently my children are not only ones who think their Little People represent people in their lives. When Katie’s son Max saw this Little People Christmas elf, he immediately declared it was “Mommy”.

Clearly this little elf looks just like Katie.

It especially looks like her when she makes that face.

You might notice that the elf is holding a paintbrush. Katie thinks this might be our clue as to why Max thinks this elf is her.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who resorts to posing toys on the toilet. Bathroom lighting can't be beat.

Katie just finished painting her kitchen blue, the same color as what’s on the elf’s brush.

Now do you see the resemblance?

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The Calusta Mystery

We have been on the hunt for a new Rose Little People doll for ages. Rose Little People was being played by a baby in a basket. While a baby in a basket once accurately portrayed Rose, it wasn’t fitting for the “Big Girl” Rose who lives with us now.

Babies in baskets are much more peaceful than toddlers who rip apart my house on an hourly basis.

We finally found the perfect “Big Girl” Rose in a birthday party three pack– very fitting considering her fast-approaching birthday.

As you can see, “Big Girl” Rose came with an African American friend. Lily has given every Little People doll in our house an identity of someone in her real life. We told Lily the doll was one of her friends from school and she promptly corrected us.

“No, that’s not Anthony. This is Calusta. Hi, Calusta!”

Calusta? Me: “Who is Calusta?!”

Lily: “This Little People is Calusta.”

Me: “Where did you come up with that name? I don’t think there’s anyone at school named Calusta. Is there someone on tv named that?”

Lily: “No. Just this Little People.”

She has consistently called this Little People doll Calusta (Cah-loo-stah) for more than a week now and I can’t for the life of me figure out how she came up with this name. The girl never makes up names and this name is pretty random and ethnic sounding. I can’t remember ever seeing someone on tv with a name similar to Calusta, but maybe I’m not remembering right? Google searches of a variety of spellings of “Calusta” have left me empty-handed. I’ve even tried a bunch of “Carusta” spellings because her “r’s” and “l’s” are not so good. I have no idea where this name came from and it’s driving me crazy, especially because Calusta seems to be living in the same Little People house as our family, so his name comes up a lot.

I guess Calusta’s orgin will always remain a mystery.

Unless one of you recognizes it. Calusta? Anyone?

Seriously, where do they come up with this stuff?



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The Poppy Wars

Now that Rose can talk, her opinions over toys are causing quite the ruckus. She shares Lily’s love of Little People has her own ideas about who represents whom in our Little People Empire.

Ever since Lily started her Little People family dynasty, this farmer Little People has been my father, whom she calls Poppy.

Farmer Poppy

My parents own 10 acres with horses, a llama, miniature donkeys, cats, dogs, parrots and a peacock. A farmer doll that drives a tractor is a fairly accurate representation of my dad even though he’s not technically a farmer. He’s actually a practicing psychologist who spends most of his time in dress shirts, slacks and ties. Lily only sees Poppy on the “farm” (or farm without quotes. When you don’t produce crops it’s not technically a farm, but once you start boarding horses and taking in some money for that it might be a farm? I get confused.).

Well, last night Rose informed me that the farmer is not Poppy. The Hanukkah grandpa is Poppy. She was very assertive over the matter.

Jewish Poppy

This is pretty dead on too. My dad doesn’t have grey hair. He is balding, but nowhere near as bald as this doll. He is also Jewish, though he doesn’t really run around with a book with a Jewish star on it most of the time. MAYBE such a book would be around on Passover, but otherwise not so much.

Which doll will win out on the future role as Poppy? The war has started. For now, Farmer Poppy is winning because Lily is better at talking, but Rose’s case for Jewish Poppy is compelling. Will Jewish Poppy edge out Farmer Poppy? Only time will tell.



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Kids Play: “You When You Were a Baby”, Part 2

My daughter recently decided that a small stuffed raccoon is my husband when he was a baby. Well, now she’s built a potato head to represent me when I was a baby.

I apparently had no nose when I was a baby. I also had Angelina Jolie lips.

I think perhaps Baby Me was inspired by Potato Head Mommy Me. I constantly hear about how “‘Toy Story 3′ has you in it, Mommy, when you were a Potato Head”. We have a Mommy Potato Head Me. Here she is with Baby Me. You can see the resemblance in a way that makes much more sense than Raccon Baby Daddy.

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Kids Play: Interesting Aging

According to Lily, this raccoon is her Daddy when he was a baby.

I never realized my husband is an adult raccoon, but if she says so.


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Kids Play: Is your llama a mama?

My parents have a llama. Yes, a llama. Don’t ask.

Because of this llama, my daughter has two llama toys, including a llama Little People. Yes, they make a Little People llama. What’s odd is that it was easier to find a Little People llama than it was to find an Asian Little People family (still haven’t found one, google has failed me). I guess the demand for llamas is higher than the demand for ethnic Little People? Who knows.

She, of course, has decided these llamas are a family. The big llama is Mommy Llama, so one would assume the little llama is Baby Llama. Nope. The little llama is our dog, apparently, Lumpy Llama. I don’t know why. This llama looks nothing like him. Then again, the big llama looks nothing like me, I hope.

Lately, Mommy Llama has taken to giving Lumpy Llama big hugs. Llama hugs. She tells Lumpy Llama she loves him and then carries Lumpy Llama all over the playroom.

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Kids Play: That’s you, Daddy!

A while back, I shared with you the multitude of characters my daughter says I allegedly look like. Today it’s my husband’s turn to share in the fun.

I think my husband is a perfectly lovely man, but my daughter apparently thinks otherwise.

It only took a couple youtube viewings of “Hakuna Matata” for her to decide Daddy and Pumba were the same person. I don’t know if it’s Pumba’s love of burping or eating bugs that made her decide this. Perhaps it’s his skin and hair color?

Every time she sees Cookie Monster, she yells “There’s Daddy! Daddy Cookie Monster!”

Daddy is also this giant Mr. Potato Head.

But she makes up for all these unintended insults by saying Paul Rudd is her Daddy.

Or maybe she just knows something we don’t.

If Paul Rudd really IS her Daddy, I wish I could remember that night!

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Kids Play: Cat in the Hat

At the bookstore the other night, *almost* 3-year-old A was very excited when I showed her some “Cat in the Hat” hats. She had one down and got very upset asking for another one. I couldn’t figure out why she needed two hats when she wasn’t even wearing the first one. I looked over and saw this pile (minus one hat) and didn’t realize what it was until my husband told me.

She was making Cat in the Hats!

Of COURSE every cat needed a hat. I should have known! In the first picture, the animals without hats are dogs. Dogs don’t wear hats.

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Crab Love

One day, I heard 2-year-old A making her Little People A (the doll that is allegedly her) cry. She kept asking Little People A if she was ok. Little People A said she needed a hug. I turned around to discover that Little People A was talking to a crab with a heart of gold. This crab had endless amounts of hugs for whatever Little People figurine needed him.

The crab even wanted to come inside the house to comfort people. He’s a very good hugger. I personally would be scared if a giant crab wanted to hug me, but the Little People love this guy.

Also, Mommy and Daddy Little People like to look out the window. And who doesn’t have a horse on their porch?

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