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Three Sisters

Now that Violet is almost here, Lily has insisted that Violet’s Little Baby Woof Woof join us in activities. If it wasn’t enough to keep track of two children while nearly 9 months pregnant, I generally have to keep track of two Woof Woofs. This isn’t so bad when each kid carries her own Woof Woof, but now I have three Woof Woofs and two children to round up. It’s kind of like rounding up five children while lugging around a 5.5 pound fetus on a bad hip. I’m trying to keep three Woof Woof events to our yard, but sometimes all three Woof Woofs must attend other events.

Lily likes to make all three Woof Woofs ride the swing at the same time.

I wonder if Little Baby Woof Woof will have to come with us everywhere once Violet is born, but is still too little to care? Then I’ll be toting three Woof Woofs, one baby and a diaper bag.

We might have to get a full-sized van if this happens. The Woof Woofs may start requesting their own seatbelts and we can’t let them ride in an unsafe way.


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A Tale of Two Woof Woof Costumes

As I’ve mentioned before, Rose spends 90% of her time in a Cinderella dress despite never having seen the movie herself. She just loves her blue dress and wants to be a princess all day long. So when we were at Build-A-Bear the other day and I saw a blue Cinderella dress for Baby Woof Woof, I couldn’t resist bringing it home (having a gift card helped prevent any hesitation I might have had).

Rose was ecstatic with my find and fell asleep holding the dress on the way home. The second she woke up in her bed at home, she started shouting about how Baby Woof Woof needed to be a princess. I put Baby Woof Woof and Rose in their matching Cinderella dresses and things couldn’t be more girly around here.

You almost can't tell them apart when they are dressed alike. Which one is Baby Woof Woof?

Actually, that’s not true. Things could be a LOT more girly.

After I found Baby Woof Woof’s Cinderella dress, I told Lily she could get an outfit for her Mommy Woof Woof. I suggested she get Mommy Woof Woof a sweater since Mommy Woof Woof’s winter comfort has been a concern of hers in the past. I also pointed out the Tinker Bell dress. I mean, if one Woof Woof is getting a princess costume, shouldn’t the other Woof Woof get a similar outfit?

Well, as it turns out Lily agreed with my assessment that Woof Woof should get something costume, but she didn’t agree with the princess choice. She went the total opposite direction there. She chose a Buzz Lightyear costume.

Mommy Woof Woof has no problems with her femininity.

That’s right, Rose got her girl Woof Woof a Cinderella ballgown and Lily got her girl Woof Woof a Buzz Lightyear costume.

Could the Woof Woofs' tastes in clothes be any more different?

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love it that Lily chose a Buzz Lightyear costume over a princess costume. All the other girls in the world would have jumped at the chance to get a princess costume for their Woof Woof. I love that she’s an independent thinker and that Buzz Lightyear ranks above princesses for her. I just find a lot of humor in her choice considering that her little sister was so enthusiastic about the Cinderella dress.

Check out the best part of the Buzz Lightyear costume.

Mommy Woof Woof can fly... or fall with style!

It has a jet pack! So Baby Woof Woof can run around looking girly, but Mommy Woof Woof is an astronaut from the future with the potential to “fly”.


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I’m Halloween

When I asked the girls what they wanted to be for Halloween, Rose had no idea what I was talking about whatsoever. Lily said she wanted to be a kangaroo.

She was a kangaroo last year.

While the costume was very cute, I encouraged her to be something else. I like variety! Plus, the old costume was too small and new kangaroo costumes are pretty pricey. I lucked out finding the above costume for something like $8 at a used clothing store. They are about $50 new. But no, she was sure she wanted to be a kangaroo again. Not only that, but she wanted Rose to be a kangaroo.

And we lucked out at the used clothing store again. Both girls could be kangaroos for a measly $6. Being a kangaroo wasn’t enough, though. Last year even with bows everyone thought Lily was a boy. So we decided to make them kangaroo ballerinas.

Due to the lack of cheese cooperation around here, this will have to pass as an acceptable picture.

When Lily was two, she wanted nothing to do with her (pink puppy) costume. I couldn’t keep it on her. Well, Rose is two and her reaction to wearing a kangaroo costume?

“I’m Halloween! I’m Halloween!”

Halloween walking.

Lily: “You’re not Halloween! You’re wearing a costume. You’re a kangaroo ballerina!”

Rose: “No! I’m Halloween!”

Halloweens or kangaroo ballerinas, we’ll be trick-or-treating for a THIRD time tonight.

She didn't realize I was going to take a picture. That's why it turned out ok.

And the Woof Woofs are all ready for tricks and treats!

Lady Bug Baby Woof Woof and Disco Chick Mommy Woof Woof.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Hope my girls cooperate for better pictures tonight!


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The Red Nightgown

This book caused an overnight emergency at my mother’s house.

Lily chose this book at a used book store. For 50 cents, I couldn’t say no to a book about a little girl and her grandmother. Lily was going to visit my mom the next day, so it seemed fitting to get a book about visiting with grandma.

Unfortunately, the book ended up casting my mother and me $15 each, so 60 times what I paid for it.

Lily quickly became obsessed with this page. The little girl is getting ready for bed and has a surprise under her pillow from her grandmother.

Her grandmother hid a red nightgown under her pillow.

Lily: I really want a red nightgown.

Me: You do?

Lily: I want Nonni to get me a red nightgown. And one for Woof Woof.

As I said, she was going to visit my mother, aka Nonni, the very next day.

Me: Well, I don’t know if Nonni has a red nightgown for you, but we’ll be sure to get you one soon. You need more pajamas anyway.

Lily: I really want a red nightgown with polka dots on it like in the book. The grandma gets the little girl a red nightgown and Nonni is my grandma.

Me: Yes.

I called my mom immediately to warn her about the nightgown crisis. She cursed me and my book. “I don’t know if I’ll have time to get a red nightgown before tomorrow!”

Me: You don’t have to get her one. I just thought I’d let you know…

Because seriously, how special would it be for her to find a red nightgown under her pillow the night after she read this book? Pretty special, right?

And so, my mom ran out in the middle of the night on a hunt for red nightgowns. She was in luck, Kohls not only had a red nightgown, it also had a matching one for Woof Woof.

It's not worth going to sleep unless you and your Woof Woof are wearing matching nightgowns.

Naturally, I had to buy one for Rose and Baby Woof Woof too.



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Evil Plan

This picture is filled with minor personal victories of evil plans fulfilled.

Lily would never willingly wear that dress. I bought it for her last year and was really excited about it. When I tried to put it on her, she screamed no and told me she couldn’t wear dresses when it was cold outside. I had pants to go with it, but she still didn’t want to wear it. She absolutely refused to put it on. On the few occasions I managed to pull it over her head, she’d scream and tear it off.

I thought this dress was wasted forever. I was sad at the money I wasted on it and the cuteness that had to sit in the closet and never be worn. It was one of my favorite things I’d gotten Lily that season.

Well, here we are a year later and Rose, who is 2 years younger but nearly the same size as Lily, can wear the dress. And she does! Willingly! So my evil plan to get SOMEONE to wear this dress has come true.

Even more evil, I convinced Rose to let Baby Woof Woof wear that pink dress. My sister got that pink dress for Mommy Woof Woof last year and Lily refused to let Mommy Woof Woof wear it. I’ve suggested it repeatedly over the last year, but Lily would never let it happen. Mommy Woof Woof must stay in her uniform (or a nightgown).

I showed Rose the dress and she got really excited. Baby Woof Woof has been wearing what Rose calls the “Sleeping Beauty! Pink! Sparkle! Princess!” dress for more than a week. My evil plan worked there too.

And the last bit of evilness in this photo– Rose is wearing pigtails. Pigtails! I can never get Lily to let me do her hair, but Rose asks for pigtails and likes them (sometimes. She has to be in the right mood.). Evil dream accomplished.

Maybe I need to expand my goals, but when I look at this picture I see a whole bunch of evil plans coming true.

I wonder what else I can get Rose to do that Lily hated? I need to keep experimenting. Maybe I can even get her to take a shower instead of a bath. Now that would be magical.


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Wordless Wednesday: Woof Woofs at Play

They clearly put themselves there.


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Four of a Kind

When I couldn’t find anything I liked for (what I considered to be) a reasonable price (and I’m ridiculously cheap) at Kohls the other day and I had a $10 off coupon, I told Lily she could pick something. She immediately gravitated toward the matching doll and little girl nightgowns and declared she wanted one.

Matching nightgowns? It's the most exciting thing EVAR!

This surprised me for a bunch of reasons. First of all, Woof Woof is not allowed out of her uniform. Sure, she recently got a NEW uniform, but Woof Woof isn’t allowed to wear anything but that. Secondly, in the past Lily has been completely against wearing anything that’s not her designated pajamas. She’s always had toddler OCD about it. Her pjs have to either be footies or have a top and a bottom. They can’t be anything she’s ever worn for something other than pjs otherwise the world might end. If all her pjs are in the laundry and I try to put her in random sweats for bedtime, she throws a fit. The sweats are for DAYTIME, not nighttime. We’d discussed nightgowns in the past and she’s been completely against them. “Those aren’t pjs. Those are dresses!”

But I guess her toddler OCD is starting to wear off because she was completely enamored of the nightgowns.

“You understand you sleep in that?” I asked.

She said “Yes! It’s a dress you sleep in. I want Woof Woof and me to be dressed alike for bedtime!”

It's not bedtime until Woof Woof is properly attired.

We bought some owl pjs. I offered to buy her a second pair, but she said no. She only needed the one pair.

I contemplated buying a set for Rose and Baby Woof Woof, but that would cost double what my coupon was worth, so I left it.

That night after I dressed Woof Woof and Lily in their matching nightgowns, Lily started drilling me about Rose and Baby Woof Woof’s non-existent matching nightgowns.

“Rose and Baby Woof Woof need to match the same as us! They need owl nightgowns.”

I had screwed up. Again.

Then my husband got home and saw Lily and Woof Woof in their matching nightgowns and also asked where Rose and Baby Woof Woof’s were.

“What were you thinking?!”

“The coupon was only for $10.”

“SO?! You need to go back and get one for Rose and Baby Woof Woof!”

What a lapse in judgement. The parenting rules clearly state that if you are buying one daughter matching nightgowns with her Build-A-Bear, you HAVE to buy the exact same nightgown set for your other daughter. How could I forget? I should clearly revoke my parenting license.

Two days later we went back to Kohls and purchased the last remaining owl nightgown set in Rose’s size. Lily and Woof Woof had worn their nightgowns every night, so I tried to convince Lily we should get a second set for both girls, but she said no. She only wanted to get one for Rose and Baby Woof Woof and only the owl ones so they could match hers. She also said she didn’t want to buy matching dresses for her, Woof Woof, Rose and Baby Woof Woof. Only the owl nightgowns. So much for the toddler OCD wearing away, eh?

Rose appreciated Lily's concern that she get this nightgown, though she doesn't seem to know the difference.

All four of our girls (Woof Woof and Baby Woof Woof are members of the family, you know.) love their nightgowns. And I relearned a valuable lesson– always buy two when it comes to my kids.

Bedtime is four times as fun when four people have matching nightgowns.

It’s very important to match your favorite stuffed animal when you go to bed.

It's like a Build-A-Bear/Pillow Pet catalog in there.

Tomorrow: An on-time Friday Funny! Next Week: Changing Station/Travel Plaza Week!



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He Said/She Said: The Rise of Baby Woof Woof Continued

So as you read, something truly momentous happened at our house last week: Rose finally got her own Woof Woof.

Mommy Woof Woof and Baby Woof Woof bond at a photo shoot.

Lily had been pushing for this for forever, as Dr. Toy Warden said, but where our opinions differ is what happened on the trip to make Pandy.

Lily got a gift card to Build-A-Bear for Christmas. I asked her what she wanted to do with her gift card and she said “Make Rose a Baby Woof Woof”– a statement second in sweetness only to her wanting to use her chore money to buy her sister milk.When we got to Build-A-Bear, Lily literally wanted Rose to have the exact same Build-A-Bear as her.

Don't look now, Woof Woof is naked!

Dr. Toy Warden says the reason we didn’t make Rose the Brown Sugar Puppy (aka Woof Woof) was that it wasn’t available. It was totally available! It was right there on the shelf. But I refused to bring home the exact same dog for another kid. I thought Rose should be allowed to choose her own “Woof Woof” aka special stuffed animal. If she had the exact same Woof Woof as Lily, it wouldn’t be “special”.

It was the dumbest thing I ever thought, really. Clearly, as months of fighting and further requests for a second Woof Woof have shown, Lily was BRILLIANT to want to get Rose her own Baby Woof Woof.

But at the time, it made perfect sense. “Woof Woof” = special Build-A-Bear. Rose should get to pick her OWN special Build-A-Bear. And she did. And then she never bonded with it because it wasn’t Woof Woof (she DID bond with the Love Bug Build-A-Bear I got her at Valentine’s Day, but she still fought with Lily over Woof Woof Prime.).

We didn’t find out that Brown Sugar Puppy was off the market until months later when Lily had a near-miss at losing Woof Woof forever. I decided that not only should we get Rose a Woof Woof, but Lily needed a BACK-UP Woof Woof. Brown Sugar Puppy was only $12, so I figured I’d go to Build-A-Bear, make two or three Woof Woofs and everyone would be happy indefinitely.

But when I went to Build-A-Bear, my brilliant plan was foiled. Brown Sugar Puppy was no longer available and Fudge Puppy sat in her place.

I didn’t know what to do. The dogs looked so alike… but they weren’t the same dog. So I didn’t buy any Woof Woofs that day. I went home sad and empty handed, though thought maybe we should get Rose the Fudge Puppy someday anyway.

Although I distinctly remember telling Dr. Toy Warden about Fudge Puppy, he doesn’t remember this and didn’t see Fudge Puppy in person until just a couple weeks ago. The second he saw it, he declared that Rose must have it as soon as possible.

Two Woof Woofs are better than one.

Baby Woof Woof should have become a member of our family months ago. Rose loves it, sleeps with it and plays with it all day long. I was a complete moron for not allowing a real Baby Woof Woof to come home last year. Always listen to your 3 year old’s ideas about what to buy for your 1 year old. She knows what she’s talking about!

That’s if I’m remembering this correctly. My husband claims I’m not, but I’m knee-deep in Woof Woof trivia. Who are you going to believe?



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