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How to Cheap Out on a Barbie Cake

Rose is obsessed with the Barbie dress cake at our local Meijer. Every single Saturday, she stares at the cake, points at it and says “Mommy, I want that Barbie cake for my birthday.” She said this even before she had any business knowing what a birthday was. It started shortly after her second birthday. So for the past year, I knew we’d have to get that Barbie cake for Rose.

(Image from allrecipes.com)
We had a joint birthday party for our big girls on Saturday. Their birthdays are a month apart and I am not cleaning my house and inviting the same people over twice in 34ish days, so we just lumped them together. This past Monday, I called Meijer to see how much the famed Barbie dress birthday cake cost.


Um, no.

I am not paying $36.99(!) for a 3 year old’s birthday cake. I know there’s a Barbie inside the cake, but still. That’s almost as much money as we paid for her actual birthday present.

Making a regular Barbie cake dress at home wasn’t really an option either. The dress pan cost at least $20 and by the time I bought the doll, cake mix and cake decorating stuff we’d probably be back up at $36 or higher. Sure, I could use the pan again, but I know I suck at cake baking and decorating and probably shouldn’t even try. I just saw that there’s a way to make the cake without the special pan, but that would be an absolute disaster with me involved. Cake and I just don’t get along. I’ve been trying to decorate a decent cake for the past 4 years and 80% of the time I take a cake out of the pan it falls apart. There will be no pretty cakes for dairy-allergy Lily until she gets over her allergy.

^What happens when I try to make a pretty cake on my own.

I was sad, but then I had a thought. Last year my mother made me a Rice Krispie cake that ended up looking like a hill. Or a boob. I had a feeling that if I sculpted some warm Rice Krispie treats, I could make them into a Barbie dress.

Our ingredients, including decorating candies and sprinkles.

The unresearched plan was simple: triple the regular Rice Krispie treat recipe, mold a mountain around a Barbie doll and decorate it with candy and frosting. We used two bags of big marshmallows, two boxes of Rice Krispies, margarine, a can of blue frosting, blue food coloring, Twizzlers, multi-colored mini-marshmallows, candy corn, two types of sprinkles and gummy bears.

Since Rose will only wear blue dresses, it was very important that this doll cake have a blue dress and we tried our darnedest to make this happen. Even though my marshmallows were a little browned, everything was fine in the pan. It seemed like we were going to have a blue dress even after we poured it into the cereal (and I burned my arm something awful on the pot).

Alas, Rice Krispies are apparently yellow enough to turn blue marshmallow goo green, but behold! It worked!

A Barbie dress cake for $15ish instead of $36.99! I saved at least $20! Genius! Rose didn’t even care that the dress ended up turning green. She insists it is still blue because the marshmallows were blue.

If you attempt this at home, my insider tip is to put the Barbie in AFTER you make a giant Rice Krispie hill instead of trying to build a dress around the Barbie. Barbie kept leaning into the still gooey/warm marshmallow mix and nearly knocking her dress over when I tried to build the dress around her. Once I made a mountain without her in it, she slid into the goo fairly easily and didn’t have much more trouble with tilting, though some of the Rice Krispie chunks did try to jump off her waist before things solidified.

The dress had the potential to be really beautiful even with ME decorating it, but my kids really wanted at it and they decorated it themselves. Who am I to say no to their enthusiasm? I mean, it was their birthday cake. So, it ended up looking like this.

Definitely decorated by a 5 year old and an almost 3 year old! They did it while I nursed the baby so I wasn’t even really there to monitor it. Less work for me and they had fun– I’ll take it!

So, if you want a Barbie cake and have zero cake making/assembly/decorating skills and don’t want to spend $36.99, this is your solution. If a cake idiot like me can do it, so can you!



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Toy WTF: Swapping Heads Revisited

Previously on Toy WTF, we explored Mattel’s decision to make Barbies with removable heads. And we all said “WTF? That’s disturbing!”

Well, now one such Barbie has made her way into our home.

Ack! Where'd her head go?

I still am disturbed and don’t get it. When you press a button, Barbie’s head and neck come off all the way down to her cleavage. Then, if you have another swapping head doll, you can pop the head on the other Barbie and she can go off in the other doll’s clothes. Except, she could have kept her own head and just changed her clothes the way she did when I was a kid. I really don’t get the benefit of removing her head.

When my sister found out about Swapping Head Barbies, she got really excited and pointed out that Barbie’s head popped off all the time during kissing accidents and you couldn’t get it back on properly. We had many Barbies facing this affliction when we were kids. She said with a swapping head, you wouldn’t have to worry about a broken-headed Barbie because it was designed to come off anyway and would still fit back on.

It’s a nice theory and would be a great explanation of the benefit, but Barbie’s head still attaches to her neck the same way. The construction there is identical and I assume that a make-out session with Ken could still result in a broken-headed Barbie.

So what we have here is still a very disturbing doll who is easily decapitated for no good reason. And, of course, my girls absolutely love popping her head off. It is possibly the most exciting (and disturbing) thing they’ve ever played with based on their enthusiasm about decapitating this Barbie.

I am disturbed.

WTF, Mattel?!


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The Barbie Invasion

Look what we got.

I couldn't help but pose them like this when the kids weren't looking.

Lily has been asking for Toy Story Barbie and Ken for forever. We were in luck on a recent trip to Toys R Us with her grandparents. She came home with the “Made for Each Other” 2-pack. If we weren’t traveling and trying to conserve space, I totally would have kept the box because it cracks me up.

Made for Each Other

These are our very first Barbies. Even though Rose isn’t 2 yet, she got her own Barbie as well.

They aren't really able to have their dolls have conversations, but they are still excited.

I thought Rose was too young to get a Barbie, but her big sister was getting one and Rose actually talked about Barbies nonstop prior to this purchase. Despite the feminist reasons why I shouldn’t allow this, I always loved Barbie growing up. My girls were always going to have Barbies at some point. Might as well let the invasion begin.

Immediately after the Barbies came home, I started to regret it.

Where'd Barbie's top go?

The girls immediately started treating Barbies like… Barbies. Rose made Barbie naked within minutes. I was disturbed.

But nowhere near as disturbed as I was the first time she got a hold of both Barbie and Ken. Rose is not even 2 and she had Ken and Barbie kissing! (Sadly, this was not an easy photograph to get and this was as close I was able to muster.)

Somehow my 2 year old already knows Barbie is a slut. Perhaps it's the lycra?

I was so disturbed. I mean, yes. This is all I ever did with my Ken and Barbie. This was really Barbie’s purpose in life– to kiss Ken. But for my not-yet 2 year old to KNOW this is what should happen is really traumatizing to me. I did this with Ken and Barbie when I was like 6 or 7. She is not even 2.

Where did she learn that? I’d blame “Toy Story 3″ for being too racy, but that’s absolutely ridiculous. My husband claims that Barbie and Ken don’t even kiss in the movie. I think they do, but I can’t remember a specific instance despite watching it at least 387 times and I refuse to watch it again just to find out. If they do kiss, that illustration of what these exact dolls do together may have led to Rose’s actions.

Or perhaps I am guilty of kissing Mr. Toy Warden in front of her. The horror. How dare I?

Oh, Barbie Invasion. I wish it weren’t here yet. Aside from the disturbing nudity and romantic kisses, there is the issue of Barbie accessories disappearing immediately, particularly those tricky shoes. Everyone started freaking out about finding the shoes and asking me to put them back on over and over and over again. I was losing my mind until genius High Heeled Mom suggested telling the kids that Barbie is SUPPOSED to be barefoot. She confiscates the shoes the second new Barbies walk into her home. Lesson learned. Our Barbies just informed my kids they like to be barefoot too!

Anyway, Barbie is here and her adventures are about to begin. If they are anything like our Toy Story adventures have been so far, Barbie will mostly say hi to other toys and then dance, but perhaps more complicated plots are closer than I think.


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Toy WTF: Mean Barbie

Is it me, or does this Barbie look totally conceited and mean?

I'm better than you. You too.

Ok, so she looks MUCH meaner in person than she does in this Amazon image. In person, I got chills looking at her she was glaring at me so scornfully. She knows she’s prettier than me and thinks talking to me is a waste of her time. She looks utterly disgusted with the world, as if she’s stepped in dog poo.

Is this doll an insult to Italians?

Seriously, next time you are in a toy store, seek out this doll and try to tell me she’s not the bitchiest Barbie you’ve ever seen. You won’t be able to. Because she’s totally the most bitchy Barbie you’ll ever see. She’ll look down your nose at you and you’ll think “Oh REALLY, Barbie? You think you’re THAT great? Well you are just a doll and I can step on you! So there!”

That’s just want I want for my girls, a Barbie who looks down their nose at them. And I LOVE Barbie. LOVE her, but the look on this one’s face just rubs me the wrong way.

Or maybe Barbie just taught me that I don’t like Italians? Funny, I always THOUGHT I liked Italians. Thanks for the life lesson, Barbie.

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Toy WTF: Barbie Fashionista Swapping Heads

During a trip to Toys R Us recently, I happened down the Barbie aisle and discovered this monstrosity.

That’s right, that’s a pre-packaged Barbie head. It is an accessory to the Barbie Fashionista Swappin’ Styles line. The promo in the store was that now the Barbies can swap looks because you can remove the head of one Fashionista and put it on the other. Additional heads for additional looks sold separately!

Wait. What? I’m so confused about this. Am I missing something? Barbie always COULD swap fashion with other Barbie dolls. You can take the clothes off one Barbie and put them on another. Why on earth does she need to switch heads to switch looks? As far as I can tell from the pictures, you can still remove the Fashionista’s clothes so they could easily swap outfits without swapping heads.

It’s just so morbid to purposefully remove a doll’s head. This doll encourages kids to decapitate their Barbies! As if there weren’t enough Barbie’s whose heads popped off accidentally, here comes a Barbie whose head comes off on purpose. It’s so sadistic. And kind of hilarious.

While it is true the extra heads have different hairstyles and make-up than the original dolls, the fact that you have to DECAPITATE A DOLL totally negates any benefit that may have. And really, you can get a different hairstyle or make-up on the doll by either styling their hair yourself or just choosing another doll you have sitting around.

Maybe there’s the benefit of a cheaper price? I didn’t look at the price of the head in the store, but on Amazon it costs as much as an entire Fashionista doll– $16+!

I don’t get it.

Join me for more Toy WTF next Thursday. If you have a Toy WTF, email it to me at creativekidsplay@gmail.com.



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