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Apparently the Most Embarrassing Subject Ever: Underwear or the Lack Thereof

It has come to my attention via various private messages and a couple of anonymous comments because apparently the underwear to bed issue is TOO EMBARRASSING to talk about in public (yet here I am) that not wearing underwear to bed is a very common thing. In fact, a random sampling of my friends on the (dying) social blogging site Livejournal has the underwear versus no underwear to bed ratio at about 50/50. I remain astounded because I’ve never heard of this before. I’ve heard of people sleeping naked, of course, and I’ve heard of people going commando in general, but I’ve never heard of purposefully taking off your underwear before you put on your pajamas.

Most of my underwear-to-bed-wearing friends and my mother were equally surprised to hear that so many people are not wearing underwear to bed , so I know I’m not alone in my shock. Apparently this is a truly taboo subject because I can’t find much of anything about it on the internet at large. Or maybe my search terms are wrong. I found a few message boards where people were asking about it, but no formal information. There was ONE yeast infection prevention information page where ONE GYN recommended wearing nightgowns with no underwear to bed. Why? Well, apparently (and this is what my anonymous friends and commenter are telling me) your girl parts “need to air out at night” to prevent yeast infections.

When I first heard this, I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever heard. Cotton underwear are breathable. Why on earth would removing them make any difference? And also, um, we wear underwear for a reason. Doesn’t everything get gross when you aren’t wearing them? How often do these nightgown with no underwear people change their sheets? It’s baffling and seriously brand new information for me. It’s so strange that people whose mothers DIDN’T tell them to do this have never even heard this is a thing if it’s really true. I’m apt to think it’s am urban legend, but a couple people have told me NOT wearing underwear to bed has made a big difference in their health. When they wear underwear on a trip or something they end up getting a yeast infection.

I am still leery and even checked Snopes.com to see if there was any information about this. Snopes failed me and I’m contemplating requesting an article.

You’d think those of us in the underwear-wearing-to-bed mob would have at least HEARD of this sometime. I just have trouble believing one little layer of cotton could make such a big difference. I mean, if underwear causes such problems, why aren’t we just going commando ALL THE TIME (OMG, imagine the laundry!!!! I wear the same pants a few times before washing them. Imagine all the washing! Imagine all the jeans I’d have to buy!). A bunch of people confessed they usually wear yoga pants without underwear. I had no idea. I’ve been wearing underwear under everything my entire life. The thought of not is just as shocking to me as it was for Ramona when she discovered that firefighters wear underwear to bed.

Anyway, maybe it’s true. Maybe I shouldn’t be wearing underwear to bed. It makes me wonder what other quirky little things 50% of people are doing right now to avoid disease that I’ve literally never heard about.

Behold, I did it. I wrote the first underwear-to-bed blog post in existence. Go me?



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The BED room

This is what Rose’s room looks like right now.

Clearly we are destined for a home decor magazine.

That’s right, her smallish room currently houses a full-sized bed, a toddler bed and a crib. It’s literally wall-to-wall bed in there.

I swear we aren’t crazy. Or maybe we are. You decide.

We want to move the girls into the same room, so when a friend offered up a free toddler bed I nabbed it. While Rose already had the full-sized bed and has been sleeping in it for months, the room will be a lot more livable with two girls in it if we have either two twin beds or a twin and a toddler bed. Getting a toddler bed means putting off purchasing a second twin bed for a year.

Clearly they will share the room as two kids in a toddler bed. They will get a TON of sleep this way.

The thing is, Rose isn’t quite ready to share a room. She’s been waking up lately. If we put them in the same room during this night terror/teething/whatever the hell reason my 2 year old is up at 3 am once a week streak we’re having, Lily will be waking up too. The big move-in is on hold even though all the furniture is here.

But moving some of the furniture to the basement at this point just seems like a lot of extra work. In the long run we will be moving the crib and the full-sized bed into Lily’s room because Rose still naps in the crib… and other reasons.

So we’re just on hold with this wall-to-wall bed situation of craziness.

Come on, Rose, start sleeping again so we can move forward with the furniture moving/room sharing plan!

Oh well, Rose is very excited by the princess bed and sleeps in it every night, making the full-sized bed just something that’s taking up half the room for no good reason.


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How many toys are in your kid’s bed?

Lily isn’t too choosy about most of her bedtime routine, but one part has to be absolutely precise. She has five blankets that must ceremoniously be put on her bed in a certain order, four stuffed animals and a “Boots Dora” pillow. If the blankets, stuffed animals or pillow aren’t there, she will cry and cry and never go to sleep.

Even though she’s been sleeping in a big girl bed since she climbed out of her bed at 17 months old, she refuses to sleep in anything but a Pack-N-Play when we travel. It can’t just be ANY Pack-N-Play (we have three for a variety of comedic reasons), it has to be her ELEPHANT Pack-N-Play. So, we end up having a Pack-N-Play stuffed to the brim with a 3-year-old, four stuffed animals and five blankets.

It ends up looking something like this:

Except back then there were actually MORE stuffed animals that had to be there. Some have fallen out of bed over time and she’s forgotten she “needs” them.

I’m hoping that someday soon she gets over this blanket and stuffed animal obsession or at least allows me to thin down the pack. When we travel, I have to take an entire laundry basket full of her bedtime props. Since we also have a baby here, I have to bring two Pack-N-Plays. It’s a good thing we have a mini-van!

In talking to other parents about this, I’ve learned that Lily isn’t the only one who is finicky about bedtime props. My friends have toddlers who have certain blankets that need to go in a certain order, and certain stuffed animals too. However, my friends all say they are able to thin the herd down when they travel. I once accidentally forgot the “Boots Dora” pillow and she was so upset she refused to step foot in the Pack N Play. We had to snuggle her to sleep every night of that trip because she truly looked terrified and distraught over the missing pillow. It was not a tantrum.

So, until she shows signs of being ready, we are traveling with a menagerie and far more blankets and pillows than she’ll ever need.

What ridiculous things do your children insist must be included in their bedtime routine? How many stuffed animals are in their beds? Is your child sleeping with five blankets in the summer?



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