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Lego Drama: Am I Missing Something?

The last month or so, my facebook and blogging friends have been all outraged about Lego’s new products geared toward girls. There are petitions circulating trying to get them to stop because (allegedly) when we were kids legos were strictly unisex and somehow encouraged us to build and play tough.

That’s not what I remember. I specifically remember having a Lego set that contained flower pots with which to decorate the house I built and a little girl figurine in a riding habit with a horse. She was a little butch because she was a block figurine, but she was definitely a girl. Who liked horses.

I’m guessing those flowers and the girl horse enthusiast weren’t blocks designed specifically for boys. Sure, they weren’t pink, but they also probably came in a special girl-geared Lego set.

The other day I was in the Walmart toy aisle and noticed some of the new “offensive” pink blocks. Right next to the pink blocks were a regular old unisex Lego kit.

When I saw this, I was further confused. If you don’t want your daughter to have pink blocks, buy the regular Lego set. There are slight differences between the two kits and I know some of the other kits are even more girly, but besides the color what is the big difference here? Why is this such a big deal that it deserves a petition?

If you walk down the Lego aisle, even before these pink sets came out, the Lego sets were full of scenes to recreate that boys would probably prefer and girls might not want. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Now there will be sets that girls might like more than the boys do. And there will be the old unisex sets. Or the girls could go after the boy-themed sets. Or the boys could go after the girl-themed sets.

Does it really matter? I personally like the variety. We may very well end up with pink Legos over here. It’s up to my girls. I encourage them to play with all sorts of toys, but they like pink girly things and why shouldn’t they build with pink blocks if that’s what they want?

I don’t get the protest and boycotts. If you don’t want pink Legos, get the regular kind and be done with it.



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Toy Brilliance

The girls got these wood blocks for Christmas.

Do you see the top of the box? How it’s a shape sorter?

This is the most brilliant thing a toy company has ever ever done. Why is it brilliant? Because the blocks are never ever left out. Every single time they finish playing with the blocks, they put them away without my having to ask them. They put them away because they think using the giant shape sorter is the most fun thing ever.

So, not only do they get the fun of playing with wood blocks, but they also think cleaning up is fun. The blocks are apparently the best toy in the whole wide world because they play with them endlessly despite having the choice tons of plastic toys that make noise and light up. And that’s great. But the real great thing is how clean the playroom is after they play with them.

If only all toys could be put away through a shape sorter.

Or would that get old?



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The Biggest Barn

While at my parents’ house, Lily used my old circa 1986 German wooden block and figurines to make “a barn”. The barn was built out of the blocks meant to build cities, as well as a few spares, and was gigantic as you can see. She filled it with animals, all of which were sleeping. Sure they are sleeping. In my world, this many animals lying down at once is evidence of a slaughter. Also, there is no door to this barn. Everyone is trapped there for all eternity.

In the distance, she created a forest and a parking lot. None of the animal or people figurines walked through this landscape, it just existed for the purpose of creating it.

I think it might be time for Legos, no?



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