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Build-A-Bear Pony Hanukkah Conundrum

Hanukkah falls ridiculously early this year. It starts the night before Thanksgiving. So, two days before most people even start their holiday shopping, I’m supposed to be completely done with mine. There’s no Black Friday for Jews’ Hanukkah this year– although I suppose you could shop for the remaining 5 days, I prefer to be more prepared than that. I like to have all my gifts wrapped, labeled and ready to go on the first night of Hanukkah.

One particular Black Friday event has thrown a wrench in my gift-giving plans. The big girls are obsessed with My Little Ponies, and Build-A-Bear recently released a line of My Little Pony plushes, which they are slowly putting out on the market one pony at a time. The big girls already got Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle for the birthdays.

Pinkie Pie sold out at Build-A-Bear almost immediately from what I understand, and Lily was sad to learn that she would never have at home access to ALL the Build-A-Bear My Little Ponies. I hadn’t planned on getting her ALL of them because they are $$$$$, but apparently that was in her big plan. I was actually a little glad when I found out Pinkie Pie was sold out because it meant the set could never be complete and I wouldn’t have to secure all six ponies.

Well, that plan got destroyed. Build-A-Bear rereleased Pinkie Pie, but with a catch. You couldn’t make her in the store until Black Friday. I refuse to go to the mall on or around Black Friday. I hate crowds! Pinkie Pie was available online earlier, though, and I ordered her and received her shortly thereafter.

Now I was faced with the very annoying reality that I only had ONE pony to give to two (or three) girls at Hanukkah, but I decided they could share it until…

Build-A-Bear announced they were releasing Fluttershy. Great! Now I have a pony for each girl for Hanukkah. But wait. Wait!

Fluttershy isn’t available until Black Friday. You can not preorder her on the website. The only way I can get Fluttershy in time for Hanukkah if you consider shipping times is if I go to Build-A-Bear on or after Black Friday.

Oh yay.

I guess we’re stuck doing that, but it creates a whole new equal sister treatment problem. We already have one pre-stuffed pony. Who gets the unstuffed pony? Are we going to fight over who gets to make Fluttershy? Is it wrong to give one sister a stuffed pony and then take the other one to go make one herself?

I mean, what to do, right? I suppose I could go out to the mall (45 minutes away) by myself mid-Hanukkah to stuff Fluttershy by myself, but that’s time-consuming and also seems unfair. Or maybe I could buy a pre-stuffed one in the store? Or maybe the girls will be ok with sharing stuffing responsibilities? Or?

I also absolutely can’t make my mom the year-end photobook I usually make her for Hanukkah because I’d have to finish, oh, right now, and that’s seriously not close enough to year end.

You see what this early Hanukkah does to people? Or how Black Friday totally neglects Jewish people this year? I want Fluttershy right now and I need her for Jewish children, but nope. I can’t get her.

Thanks a lot, Build-A-Bear, Black Friday and the Jewish lunar calendar. Thanks a lot.



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Where’s Woof Woof?

Woof Woof

Woof Woof has been sneaking into most of our pictures lately. Can you find Woof Woof in all of these pictures? It’s like “Where’s Waldo?” without all those funky stripes there to confuse you. Can you find the pictures that DON’T have Woof Woof in them? It may be trickier than you think.



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Lily has a new game she’s been playing lately where she “tap-a-dances” in our hallway. Even though she has a pair of tap shoes that fit her, she usually does this in gym shoes. This will go on for ridiculous amounts of time and she wants Dr. Toy Warden and I to imitate her steps. Since most of her steps involve jumping and I can’t do that right now, she now insists that I sit in the “audience” to watch all this transpire.

Here is the audience:

I asked her if she wanted to take tap instead of ballet and she said no. She just wants to tap-a-dance in the hall… and for me to watch her.

It’s thrilling, as you can imagine. I mean, it’s really cute for the first 5-10 minutes and then I get really bored because I’m a human and not super “everything you do is beyond awesome and I can’t stop watching!” mom when it comes to the insanely repetitive stuff like this.


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Bike Safety

Something happened recently that we thought may be another year or two away. Lily learned how to ride a big girl bike with training wheels. It may sound like a small feat for a 4 year old. In fact, most of the kids in our neighborhood seem to be transitioning off their trikes 6 months to a year before Lily did, but Lily was sort of slow when it came to her tricycle. Last fall she still didn’t master the concept, partially because she wasn’t interested. This used to worry me, but she’s so ahead in other areas I decided to let it go.

Imagine our surprise when warm weather hit this spring and Lily could race around the block on her tricycle, steering and everything. Years ago, I bought her a tiny pink Schwinn for $5 at a garage sale. We finally got to bring it up from the basement and teach her how to ride it. She took to it right away and is FINALLY a natural at bike riding.

Yes, we know her helmet wasn't on right. The situation has been rectified.

I’m not holding my breath for her to ride without training wheels. Neither her father nor I were able to get rid of them until we were 7. My husband claims I still don’t know how to ride a bike. I never said I was any good at it, but I CAN ride. I’m forbidden from riding pulling the kid buggy or with a kid on the back of my bike, per Dr. Toy Warden. Much like how he has banned me from trying to fry bacon myself (I burn it), he is absolutely right in this rare effort to control me.

It didn’t take long for Lily to insist that Woof Woof ride with her. OF COURSE Woof Woof needed to be on the bike. At first she was trying to ride with Woof Woof in her lap or shoved between the handlebars. I was worried Woof Woof would fall and either Woof Woof or Lily would get injured. I went out and got her a bike basket.

But really, how safe is it for Woof Woof to just be sitting in someone’s bike basket? What if Woof Woof falls out? Would Woof Woof be ok if she hit her head on the sidewalk?

And furthermore, shouldn’t Woof Woof try to be a better role model for Lily? What kind of parent am I to make Lily wear a helmet, but not Woof Woof?

Obviously, something needed to be done.

Now only Woof Woof's ears are in jeopardy.

Are the people at Build-A-Bear geniuses or what?

My sister has pointed out that Woof Woof’s ears are in jeopardy, but Woof Woof looks so stupid when I tuck them into her helmet. She looks like a wet cat or something without ears. So we’ll risk it for cosmetic reasons.

Woof Woof is just a stuffed animal, after all. OR IS SHE?



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Everything’s Coming up Violets!

Why were there three Woof Woofs in that picture? Three girl Woof Woofs at that?

Well, come June, there will be three little girls in this house who need three Woof Woofs. That’s right, come June we will be adding a Violet to our Lily and Rose bouquet!

When Lily found out she was going to have a new sibling, she immediately wanted to make the baby its own Woof Woof. We had to go to Build-A-Bear when I was only 8 weeks pregnant to fulfill her request. I felt absolutely ridiculous making a Woof Woof so early with Lily yelling to everyone that we were making it for the baby in my tummy, but we had a coupon for a free Build-A-Bear and Lily insisted that it be the baby’s Build-A-Bear!

We saved dressing it for when we found out the gender.

I was absolutely sure this baby was going to be a boy. I had morning sickness this time and had none with Rose and Lily. The heartrate has been in the 140s the whole time while Lily and Rose were always in the 160s. EVERYONE thought this was a boy. Even Lily thought it was a boy. Her reasoning? The baby had no hair in the 12-week ultrasound picture. No hair = boy.

My husband and I have been calling the baby a boy name since before it was even conceived! Our logic behind this was everyone we knew who was pregnant at that moment was having a boy. When I was pregnant with Lily and Rose, everyone was having a girl. See? Had to be a boy.

We were wrong! And it’s a very good thing– we’ll save a ton on clothes, toys and decorating.

The day we found out that we were having a Violet, we rushed to Build-A-Bear to genderize Woof Woof III, or as Lily calls it, Little Baby Woof Woof.

And yes, part of the new baby’s name really is Violet. Our girls go by their middle names on this blog and all three have flower middle names. It sort of happened by accident. Flower middle names were the best sounding choices for Lily and Rose. By the time that happened, we were sort of cemented into making sure any more gilrs we have have a flower middle name.

I’m glad I got a chance to use one of the only viable flower names left! People kept teasing me with Daisy and Tulip, but the good choices left that I can think of are Violet and Ivy. Violet beat out Ivy big time though. And there won’t be a next time, so Rose, Lily and Violet will be our final family bouquet.



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3 Woof Woofs?

Wait, why are there three Woof Woofs in this photo?

Tune in Monday to find out.


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A Tale of Two Woof Woof Costumes

As I’ve mentioned before, Rose spends 90% of her time in a Cinderella dress despite never having seen the movie herself. She just loves her blue dress and wants to be a princess all day long. So when we were at Build-A-Bear the other day and I saw a blue Cinderella dress for Baby Woof Woof, I couldn’t resist bringing it home (having a gift card helped prevent any hesitation I might have had).

Rose was ecstatic with my find and fell asleep holding the dress on the way home. The second she woke up in her bed at home, she started shouting about how Baby Woof Woof needed to be a princess. I put Baby Woof Woof and Rose in their matching Cinderella dresses and things couldn’t be more girly around here.

You almost can't tell them apart when they are dressed alike. Which one is Baby Woof Woof?

Actually, that’s not true. Things could be a LOT more girly.

After I found Baby Woof Woof’s Cinderella dress, I told Lily she could get an outfit for her Mommy Woof Woof. I suggested she get Mommy Woof Woof a sweater since Mommy Woof Woof’s winter comfort has been a concern of hers in the past. I also pointed out the Tinker Bell dress. I mean, if one Woof Woof is getting a princess costume, shouldn’t the other Woof Woof get a similar outfit?

Well, as it turns out Lily agreed with my assessment that Woof Woof should get something costume, but she didn’t agree with the princess choice. She went the total opposite direction there. She chose a Buzz Lightyear costume.

Mommy Woof Woof has no problems with her femininity.

That’s right, Rose got her girl Woof Woof a Cinderella ballgown and Lily got her girl Woof Woof a Buzz Lightyear costume.

Could the Woof Woofs' tastes in clothes be any more different?

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love it that Lily chose a Buzz Lightyear costume over a princess costume. All the other girls in the world would have jumped at the chance to get a princess costume for their Woof Woof. I love that she’s an independent thinker and that Buzz Lightyear ranks above princesses for her. I just find a lot of humor in her choice considering that her little sister was so enthusiastic about the Cinderella dress.

Check out the best part of the Buzz Lightyear costume.

Mommy Woof Woof can fly... or fall with style!

It has a jet pack! So Baby Woof Woof can run around looking girly, but Mommy Woof Woof is an astronaut from the future with the potential to “fly”.


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Four of a Kind

When I couldn’t find anything I liked for (what I considered to be) a reasonable price (and I’m ridiculously cheap) at Kohls the other day and I had a $10 off coupon, I told Lily she could pick something. She immediately gravitated toward the matching doll and little girl nightgowns and declared she wanted one.

Matching nightgowns? It's the most exciting thing EVAR!

This surprised me for a bunch of reasons. First of all, Woof Woof is not allowed out of her uniform. Sure, she recently got a NEW uniform, but Woof Woof isn’t allowed to wear anything but that. Secondly, in the past Lily has been completely against wearing anything that’s not her designated pajamas. She’s always had toddler OCD about it. Her pjs have to either be footies or have a top and a bottom. They can’t be anything she’s ever worn for something other than pjs otherwise the world might end. If all her pjs are in the laundry and I try to put her in random sweats for bedtime, she throws a fit. The sweats are for DAYTIME, not nighttime. We’d discussed nightgowns in the past and she’s been completely against them. “Those aren’t pjs. Those are dresses!”

But I guess her toddler OCD is starting to wear off because she was completely enamored of the nightgowns.

“You understand you sleep in that?” I asked.

She said “Yes! It’s a dress you sleep in. I want Woof Woof and me to be dressed alike for bedtime!”

It's not bedtime until Woof Woof is properly attired.

We bought some owl pjs. I offered to buy her a second pair, but she said no. She only needed the one pair.

I contemplated buying a set for Rose and Baby Woof Woof, but that would cost double what my coupon was worth, so I left it.

That night after I dressed Woof Woof and Lily in their matching nightgowns, Lily started drilling me about Rose and Baby Woof Woof’s non-existent matching nightgowns.

“Rose and Baby Woof Woof need to match the same as us! They need owl nightgowns.”

I had screwed up. Again.

Then my husband got home and saw Lily and Woof Woof in their matching nightgowns and also asked where Rose and Baby Woof Woof’s were.

“What were you thinking?!”

“The coupon was only for $10.”

“SO?! You need to go back and get one for Rose and Baby Woof Woof!”

What a lapse in judgement. The parenting rules clearly state that if you are buying one daughter matching nightgowns with her Build-A-Bear, you HAVE to buy the exact same nightgown set for your other daughter. How could I forget? I should clearly revoke my parenting license.

Two days later we went back to Kohls and purchased the last remaining owl nightgown set in Rose’s size. Lily and Woof Woof had worn their nightgowns every night, so I tried to convince Lily we should get a second set for both girls, but she said no. She only wanted to get one for Rose and Baby Woof Woof and only the owl ones so they could match hers. She also said she didn’t want to buy matching dresses for her, Woof Woof, Rose and Baby Woof Woof. Only the owl nightgowns. So much for the toddler OCD wearing away, eh?

Rose appreciated Lily's concern that she get this nightgown, though she doesn't seem to know the difference.

All four of our girls (Woof Woof and Baby Woof Woof are members of the family, you know.) love their nightgowns. And I relearned a valuable lesson– always buy two when it comes to my kids.

Bedtime is four times as fun when four people have matching nightgowns.

It’s very important to match your favorite stuffed animal when you go to bed.

It's like a Build-A-Bear/Pillow Pet catalog in there.

Tomorrow: An on-time Friday Funny! Next Week: Changing Station/Travel Plaza Week!



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Woof Woof’s Underpants

You know you are a mother when you find yourself making alterations to a stuffed animal’s underwear… and this is the reason you didn’t make it to the gym within daycare hours.

The clothes we recently bought at Build-A-Bear are looser than Woof Woof’s previous clothes. Woof Woof’s new pants and underwear kept falling down and her shirt kept showing too much stuffed animal cleavage.

Lily has trouble getting Woof Woof’s pants up because of the tail, so I had to put Woof Woof’s new pants back on over and over and over again. I was getting pretty frustrated by this, and I wasn’t the only one. But I didn’t think to fix it until one day Lily turned to me and said “Mommy, you need to fix Woof Woof pants like you fixed my cherry pants! You sewed my cherry pants so they wouldn’t fall down. You are so good at sewing, Mommy!”

I’m really really not good at sewing at all, but I can make amateurish crude alterations to pants to make them stay up around a tiny toddler waist. Lily was right about that.

Woof Woof is having a much easier time playing on the swing set now that she doesn't have plumber butt.

I promised Lily I would alter Woof Woof’s pants while she was sleeping, then promptly forgot. The next morning we were about to leave for the gym when Lily came to me with tears in her eyes. “Mommy, you didn’t sew Woof Woof’s pants. She needs them to stay up!”

I sewed the pants on the spot. I also made tucks in the shirt because I don’t think Woof Woof wanted to be quite so scandalous.

I was ready to get up and go again when Lily came running in with Baby Woof Woof’s droopy underwear.

“Baby Woof Woof needs you to sew her underwear too!”

I hope this is the stuff she remembers: That I would stop everything to crudely alter her Build-A-Bear’s underwear. Not that I lost my cool and yelled at her for peeing in her nighttime pull-up 2 minutes after she put it on. I have a feeling the pull-up incident will stick more though. Oh, motherhood.


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Woof Woof’s New Duds

Woof Woof has had a uniform for about a year: pink sheep shirt, Hello Kitty underwear and pink leggings. For ages, I’ve been trying to convince Lily that changing Woof Woof’s clothes was a good idea, but much like the battle we had to get Woof Woof in clothes in the first place, Lily was against making any changes to Woof Woof’s exterior. People had bought Woof Woof princess dresses, wedding dresses, an Elvis-esque jumpsuit (This was ok when Woof Woof was cold), Korean clothes (ok if Lily was wearing HER Korean clothes)– for day-to-day wear, none of it was acceptable to Lily. She only wanted Woof Woof in her uniform.

A year of wearing the same clothes day in and day out while traveling to every park in Northwest Ohio has had its toll. Woof Woof’s clothes have been washed on many occasions and now are worn, dingy and pilled. While I’m totally cool with stuffed animals becoming “real” “Velveteen Rabbit”-style, I didn’t like how ragged Woof Woof’s option clothes were looking when other, far cuter alternatives were possible.

This spring I’d been paid with a gift card for some freelance work I did. Recently I reminded Lily about the gift card and suggested to Lily that Woof Woof might like new clothes because her uniform was looking very old.  For some reason, putting it in these terms made Lily very anxious to get Woof Woof out of her old things.

According to Lily, none of the other clothes I and other family members have purchased for Woof Woof in the past would do. Woof Woof had to have something special and new.

Like a pair of jeans and a Hello Kitty shirt.

Clearly the most becoming outfit at Build-A-Bear.

Seriously? Out of all the adorable outfits Build-A-Bear has to offer, Woof Woof comes home in jeans and a t-shirt? I am disappointed.

But apparently it’s important to Lily that Woof Woof wear comfortable play clothes all the time. When we got home I pointed out the other cute clothes we have for Woof Woof, but Lily is sticking to her guns once again.

Woof Woof is one casual gal.*

Come to think of it, Woof Woof and I dress exactly alike, minus the Hello Kitty logo. Perhaps I’m Woof Woof’s fashion inspiration?

I’m honored.

*Baby Woof Woof, whom Lily also picked clothes for, wears a tutu-inspired dress. What’s the deal with that?



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