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He Said/She Said: The Rise of Baby Woof Woof Continued

So as you read, something truly momentous happened at our house last week: Rose finally got her own Woof Woof.

Mommy Woof Woof and Baby Woof Woof bond at a photo shoot.

Lily had been pushing for this for forever, as Dr. Toy Warden said, but where our opinions differ is what happened on the trip to make Pandy.

Lily got a gift card to Build-A-Bear for Christmas. I asked her what she wanted to do with her gift card and she said “Make Rose a Baby Woof Woof”– a statement second in sweetness only to her wanting to use her chore money to buy her sister milk.When we got to Build-A-Bear, Lily literally wanted Rose to have the exact same Build-A-Bear as her.

Don't look now, Woof Woof is naked!

Dr. Toy Warden says the reason we didn’t make Rose the Brown Sugar Puppy (aka Woof Woof) was that it wasn’t available. It was totally available! It was right there on the shelf. But I refused to bring home the exact same dog for another kid. I thought Rose should be allowed to choose her own “Woof Woof” aka special stuffed animal. If she had the exact same Woof Woof as Lily, it wouldn’t be “special”.

It was the dumbest thing I ever thought, really. Clearly, as months of fighting and further requests for a second Woof Woof have shown, Lily was BRILLIANT to want to get Rose her own Baby Woof Woof.

But at the time, it made perfect sense. “Woof Woof” = special Build-A-Bear. Rose should get to pick her OWN special Build-A-Bear. And she did. And then she never bonded with it because it wasn’t Woof Woof (she DID bond with the Love Bug Build-A-Bear I got her at Valentine’s Day, but she still fought with Lily over Woof Woof Prime.).

We didn’t find out that Brown Sugar Puppy was off the market until months later when Lily had a near-miss at losing Woof Woof forever. I decided that not only should we get Rose a Woof Woof, but Lily needed a BACK-UP Woof Woof. Brown Sugar Puppy was only $12, so I figured I’d go to Build-A-Bear, make two or three Woof Woofs and everyone would be happy indefinitely.

But when I went to Build-A-Bear, my brilliant plan was foiled. Brown Sugar Puppy was no longer available and Fudge Puppy sat in her place.

I didn’t know what to do. The dogs looked so alike… but they weren’t the same dog. So I didn’t buy any Woof Woofs that day. I went home sad and empty handed, though thought maybe we should get Rose the Fudge Puppy someday anyway.

Although I distinctly remember telling Dr. Toy Warden about Fudge Puppy, he doesn’t remember this and didn’t see Fudge Puppy in person until just a couple weeks ago. The second he saw it, he declared that Rose must have it as soon as possible.

Two Woof Woofs are better than one.

Baby Woof Woof should have become a member of our family months ago. Rose loves it, sleeps with it and plays with it all day long. I was a complete moron for not allowing a real Baby Woof Woof to come home last year. Always listen to your 3 year old’s ideas about what to buy for your 1 year old. She knows what she’s talking about!

That’s if I’m remembering this correctly. My husband claims I’m not, but I’m knee-deep in Woof Woof trivia. Who are you going to believe?



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The Rise of Baby Woof Woof– Dr. Toy Warden’s Version

Hello Toy Readers. This is The Toy Warden’s husband making today’s guest post. In March 2010 Lily made her first Build-A-Bear trip. She seemed very confused at the time, but this would be a very special day for Lily getting her favorite stuffed animal Woof Woof.

This was also Rose’s first Build-A-Bear experience, although it appears she slept through it. Lily was very excited to get her Woof Woof, although it was not apparent here.

Ever since then, Lily goes to bed with Woof Woof, takes trips with Woof Woof, dresses up with Woof Woof and now plays on the swing set with Woof Woof.

For the past several months Lily insisted that Rose should have her own Woof Woof even wanting to use her own gift card money. When we first investigated, we were denied. Woof Woof had been discontinued. We also couldn’t find any miniature version which would have been ideal. We let Rose pick out an alternative and she seemed to like this Panda, which we named “Pandy.”

Disclaimer: Dr. Toy Warden and I have completely different memories of what happened here. I will write a separate post later today about what I believe REALLY happened when we went to create Pandy. And I can’t believe I could be wrong about this. He has to be remembering it wrong. HAS TO.

We were excited that Rose had her Woof Woof, but clearly Pandy was no Woof Woof. That’s actually Lily in the above photo, because Rose was hardly in any photos with Pandy. While Rose liked Pandy, she seemed to only want it at her tea parties.

We had all but given up at getting Rose a Woof Woof until a recent trip getting Woof Woof some new clothes. We saw this puppy in the same spot on the far right (being the cheapest).

It looked just like Woof Woof, except obviously darker. This was even better than getting the exact same Woof Woof. This one would be distinct and could be Rose’s very own. We decided to come back a week later and make this a very special trip. Unfortunately, Toy Warden couldn’t make it, so I was left to document the festivities.

We were relieved to see the new Woof Woof hadn’t been discontinued during the week. However, we were initially blocked by a throng of campers in weird hats.

I thought we would never make it through as these guys were pretty scary looking, but we were not going to be denied. In fact, when Rose grabbed the unstuffed Woof Woof, she wouldn’t let go. So we had to get a second one for the bear builder to stuff, while Rose clung to the other one. Also notice Lily brought her Woof Woof along for this historic occasion.

Somehow I was eventually able to pry the unstuffed Woof Woof out of Rose’s clutches and we headed over to give the new nonflimsy Woof Woof a bath.

Despite Lily’s insistence, Rose wouldn’t give the new Woof Woof a bath.

Lily picked out the new Woof Woof’s dress.

Lily decided the new Woof Woof should be named “Baby Woof Woof” even though she is the same size as the now “Mommy Woof Woof.” Here is Rose sitting at one of those computers.

We hung out with the Chick-Fil-A cow.

Rose and Lily played in the play area.

We all made it home.

Stay tuned later for some He Said/She Said about how Baby Woof Woof came to be.


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Another Build-A-Bear Emergency

About 6 weeks ago, Lily declared that a Build-A-Bear gift card she’d received for Christmas should be used to buy Rose her first bear. We spent way more than the gift card was worth making Rose the perfect bear and rewarding Lily for her selflessness by getting her more clothes for Woof Woof. 

After paying the hefty bill, we vowed not to return to Build-A-Bear for a long time.

Not two weeks later, we received the promo for Build-A-Bear’s Beary Limited Edition Love Bug for Valentine’s Day.

Possibly the cutest dressed ladybug toy ever.

The minute I saw that flier, I knew Rose had to have it even though we’d JUST bought her a Build-A-Bear she was far too young to appreciate. I tried for weeks to talk myself out of “needing” to buy it, but I couldn’t deny it was perfect for her. You see, Rose’s room is decorated with red hearts and ladybugs.

Valentine's Day threw up hearts and ladybugs over here, but mostly in a good way (I hope).

You wish you were cool enough to pull off a ladybug hamper.

How sick is it that I’m contemplating buying a SECOND Pillow Pet ladybug so there’s a matching set on this bed?

Awaiting the perfect post-Valentine's Day sale comforter.

I swear those bits of quilting hang even when you are actually in there.

You can see why this Build-A-Bear was a must-have.

I procrastinated and procrastinated and debated and debated. What if the Love Bug comes back next year when she’d appreciate making it? (Online research of past Limited Editions shows me this probably won’t happen.) What if the Love Bug goes on sale after Valentine’s Day and I regret buying it in advance? (Unlikely.) But what if they sell out and I never get the Love Bug? It would be the end of the world!

The last possibility turned out the be the most probable “what if”. Part of what made me love the Love Bug was her polka dot dress. It’s really what makes her an adorable ladybug. Without her polka dot dress, she’s pretty much a boy.

Without her dress, the Love Bug is downright masculine.

When I finally went online to buy the Love Bug, the polka dot dress was sold out online! I panicked and mourned and panicked and mourned. I decided I was being silly, but I wanted that stupid dress. I didn’t see the point of getting the Love Bug without the dress. Even my husband agreed the dress and the doll were important! (Me on text: Stop being sarcastic. Him: No really. I’m serious!)

Suddenly it occurred to me that some dresses MIGHT be left at the store. I called. They had TWO left. I feared I would have to rush to the store that very minute and forget about preschool (screw responsibility and priority! Rose needs a Love Bug!) to get one of those dresses, but they put it on hold for me. I would have happily bought it over the phone if I had to!

And so, that afternoon during our rushed free 3 hours while Lily was at school, Rose and I sped off to the mall 35+ minutes away in single digit weather to secure our Love Bug. We scored the LAST polka dot dress in Toledo. You can see how much this mattered to Rose.

It's pretty clear who really wanted this toy.

We named her Betty Bug.

Crisis averted! Clearly we didn’t have enough personified ladybugs in Rose’s room and this was a life-changing purchase.

They may or may not be conspiring a ladybug mutiny.

Or maybe not.

Wish me luck on finding a heart-covered comforter today in the post-Valentine’s Day 50% off sales!


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Kids Play: Cart Ride for Two

Toy shopping carts aren’t just for food.

What I especially love about our shopping cart ride is that Woof Woof our Build-A-Puppy always rides too. (No worries, you guys, I was right there the whole time. No babies were or have ever been hurt playing this game.)

Everybody gets to ride! The baby, who doesn’t walk yet, pushes the preschooler!

Share your funny kids play stories on this blog by emailing them to creativekidsplay@gmail.com.


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Kids Play: Woof Woof Backpack

After we got our Build-a-Bear (aka Woof Woof the Puppy), my daughter Lily became obsessed with the online game at http://www.buildabearville.com. I must admit I can’t blame her for loving the game. We got to design a player that looks just like her and a puppy identical to hers rides around in her backpack while her avatar explores Buildabearville.

Ever since the first time we played this game (or rather I played the game and she watched. She was only 2 1/2 when we started doing this), she has been imitating it by stuffing Woof Woof the Build-a-Puppy into a backpack and carrying her with her wherever she goes. Woof Woof’s head must stick out of the backpack and her tummy must touch Lily’s back, just like in the game.

If that weren’t hilariously cute enough, she has crossed her characters. She thinks that if she’s carrying a backpack like Dora, she should also have a map. For a long time, she claimed Woof Woof’s “birth certificate” was a map and wandered around with that. That “map” didn’t last long, so we got her a laminated USA map placemat instead. She constantly carries Woof Woof in the backpack while investigating her map on where to go next. Usually, she talks about flying to California, which doesn’t sound like a bad plan to me.

Sometimes while we are out, people confuse the map for the placemat it technically is. In picnic table situations, it seems like I’ve been brilliant, but truthfully that map has been so many places that the picnic table is probably cleaner! I can’t tell you how many times we’ve almost lost Woof Woof, backpack or map, but somehow we’ve managed to hold on to all three for the past six months!

What bizarre things do your kids do with their toys? Share your stories on this blog by emailing them to creativekidsplay@gmail.com.


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Kids Play: Shopping Cart Passenger

Ever since my mother put 3-year-old A in a double-seater Costco shopping cart with her favorite stuffed animal Woof Woof, A has decided that Woof Woof should be her shopping companion at home. Her shopping cart doesn’t have a child seat, so we are always finding Woof Woof’s legs and butt stuffed between the rungs of the cart handle. It’s pretty inventive.

Although we have toy food, Woof Woof and A generally buy linking letters.

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Kids Play: It’s a Build-a-Bear Emergency!

For months now, my daughter’s Build-a-Bear (er, puppy) Woof Woof has been going everywhere with us naked. When Woof Woof was “born”, I tried to convince A to get her clothes, but she adamently refused them.

Five months later, out of nowhere (or perhaps somewhere because a week later she finally potty trained) A declared that Woof Woof needed underwear. Absolutely. I mean, of course Woof Woof needs underwear! What could I do but race to the nearest Build-a-Bear to remedy this situation? If Woof Woof needs underwear, maybe Woof Woof (and her owner) is ready to be potty trained! We can’t pass up that opportunity!

Woof Woof chose pink Hello Kitty underwear, an excellent choice, but it just seemed a little obscene to have a puppy running around in just her underwear. A t-shirt and underwear seemed a lot less vulgar.

I asked A that day if Woof Woof needed pants. If she said yes, I would have happily bought them, but she was pretty insistent that Woof Woof should NOT wear pants and should just wear underwear. Alrighty then. I was a little embarrassed for Woof Woof, but A is the boss of Woof Woof’s apparel.

The next day A declared that it was wrong for Woof Woof to be going out in public in just underwear. Woof Woof needed pants! I agreed. If only she’d decided this 24 hours beforehand! When I told her we could go get pants, she thought I meant immediately and that every trip we took was to Build-a Bear.

And that’s how we ended up taking two emergency trips to Build-a-Bear in two days.

Has anything like this ever happened to you or am I just a big sucker? Share your funny toy stories, pictures and videos on this blog by emailing them to creativekidsplay@gmail.com.



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