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A Refuge for Christmas Trees

During the polar vortex last week, someone’s discarded Christmas tree blew into our yard.

“Another one of those damn trees blew into our yard!” said my husband. “Should I save it?”

It’s not the first time a discarded Christmas tree has ended up in our yard. It’s very windy and flat in this part of Ohio and, for some reason, our trash people tell us to put large trash out on a certain day and then don’t pick it up until many days of wind later. Random stuff gets blown into our yard all too often.

Based on all the trees in other people’s driveways this week, it is tree pick-up week. We wouldn’t know. We’re Jewish. We don’t have or want a Christmas tree, yet Christmas trees keep migrating to our house. It’s as if they KNOW we neglected them in December. The Christmas trees think we are lonely for a Christmas tree.

Don’t worry, Christmas trees, we hang out with MANY of you at many locations other than our house in December. You guys are kind of unavoidable. Especially when you decide to throw yourselves at our house.

Last time a tree landed in our yard, my husband “saved” it by throwing it into our backyard because he didn’t know how to get rid of it. It sat in our yard until spring. It was about as lovely as the hate fence, but whatever, it was my husband’s “project”. It was up to him to finish “saving” that tree.

This time, he was slightly wiser and left the tree near the sidewalk where it might be claimed by whoever lost it.

Nobody rescued the Christmas tree.

A few days later, I moved the tree to where trash pick-up happens since everyone else still has trees hanging out in their driveways. I assume the polar vortex delayed tree pick-up for a week the way it delayed trash pick-up for a week? (And let me tell you how much fun THAT was!!!)

Now all my neighbors probably think I gave in to the temptation of Christmas and put up a tree this year, after I told everyone we would not be decorating.

NOPE! We didn’t have a Christmas tree. Other people’s Christmas trees just feel sorry for us.

Or something.

Gosh, I hope the trash guys pick that tree up soon… and don’t charge us extra for the pick-up. STOP VISITING US, TREES!



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Merry Christmas

This is what happens when you try to get a picture of your daughter’s adorable Christmas outfits when your baby is fairly mobile. What choice was there for her to go directly up her big sister’s dress? I believe it was the shiny material that drew her in. How very “Awkward Family Photo“-esque.

This is what happens when you try to get four cousins in a picture on Christmas Eve when the oldest of the cousins is 5 years old. My nephew’s Dad is there to unsuccessfully force his kid to stay in the frame.

I’d say photo perfection will be here next year, but 18 month olds are perhaps the most elusive photography subjects there are and that’s exactly how old Violet will be next year. I’m Jewish and used to try to distance myself from this holiday, but marriage has forced my hand at celebrating it. If I have to celebrate Christmas, at the very least I want a pretty picture of Christmas dresses and cousins to go with it!

Merry Christmas, everyone! May your photo endeavors and other holiday traditions go better than mine!


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Kids Play: Santa

Even though we are Jewish, Santa comes to our house. Lily has a lot of thoughts about Santa, though most of them came from school already. Santa brought her sister a Santa Mr. Potato Head and Lily has a lot of thoughts about this. According to her, Santa wears a red hat with a white ball on top and shaving cream all over his face.

Also, “Santa Mr. Potato Head was NOT in ‘Toy Story 3′. He’s new. He’s NOT a Toy Story friend.” Yet at least five other potato head figures are allegedly Toy Story friends. Santa is excluded for some reason. Who knows.

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