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Little Blue Dresses

Cinderella is the best when you are a 3 year old half-Korean kid. Cinderella is so great that Rose wants to be her and thinks that by wearing a blue dress every day she is actively being Cinderella or at least paying tribute to her.

We have four Cinderella costumes. Doesn't everyone?

Six months ago she was having so many tantrums about getting dressed in any outfit that wasn’t blue that I went out and bought her a new blue wardrobe for summer. Sure, there were dozens of hand-me-down outfits in a rainbow of colors from her big sister, but all of those outfits got shoved to the back of the closet. She never wore them. At the time, I assumed this was her ploy to wear new clothes instead of her big sister’s leftovers.

I was scared at the time that she might switch colors on me, but nope. Every time we go to the closet she insists that she should wear another blue dress. Occasionally I can con her into wearing a different colored dress or (shocking) pants, but most days it has to be blue. We also can get away with a patterned dress as long as there’s blue somewhere in the pattern, but blue MUST be in the outfit. It MUST! Only dorks wear things that aren’t blue.

Apparently there are a lot of dorky 3 year olds out there because it’s hard to compile a completely blue wardrobe, especially when each item must be a blue dress, or this winter a LONG-SLEEVED blue dress. I contemplated putting long-sleeved shirts under each and every summer blue dress, but it turns out that long-sleeved white shirts cost almost as much as long sleeved blue dresses. Ridiculous and annoying. A second blue dress wardrobe was in order this winter.

Do you have any idea how ridiculously hard it is to hunt down 14ish long-sleeved blue dresses in 4T or 4-5 for less than $10 each? It is no easy feat. Even with the internet, I feel like I’m looking for a needle in a haystack. Prior to the blue dress obsession I was able to get the kids wardrobes that were almost 100% used in one to two trips to Once Upon a Child. Not anymore. I’m at no less than 10 stores and multiple websites hunting for blue dresses. I’m bidding on blue dresses on eBay (I’ve only won one so far). I’m hunting at thrift stores. We need blue dresses. I feel like finding affordable blue dresses has become a full time job.

This is what your closet would look like if you were 3 and insisted on wearing only blue dresses.

In case you are wondering or in a similar conundrum, Old Navy has the best selection of inexpensive long-sleeved blue dresses.

Blue nightgowns are also crucial to this Cinderella facade. Not pictured: Blue jackets, shoes, bows and costumes.

Of course, now that the entire blue dress wardrobe has been assembled for this winter, this morning Rose, who is now so involved with pretending to be a cat that the other night she was meowing in her sleep, came to me and said “Cats don’t wear blue dresses. Cats wear brown.”

Only the coolest 3 year olds wear blue every single day.

I almost died, but luckily a picture of a blue cat a friend found on google convinced her that blue is still AOK. In fact, maybe I can convince her that cats wear ALL the colors and we can use the multi-colored wardrobe we already owned again. Seriously, that girl’s closet was bursting BEFORE we started buying blue dresses. This is ridiculous.



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Since we are in the early days of nursing and babyhood, leaving the house (and showering) is a huge triumph. Today’s excitement was a trip to Walmart, where I discovered the latest in unfairness. Lily is really short on PJs. I buy most of the girls’ clothes used, but for some reason decent hand-me-down PJs are hard to find. For some reason, new PJs run at $10-15 even at Walmart. I don’t understand why even a nightgown is $10 at Walmart when I regularly buy the girls dresses there for $5. Why the hell are PJs so expensive? You SLEEP in them. They should really cost less than most of your other clothes.

At first I decided not to buy PJs because I didn’t feel like dropping “so much” on them. Since I buy most of the girls’ clothes used, I have trouble paying more than $8ish for ANYTHING for them, especially PJs. I planned a trip to my favorite thrift store to see if I could score more PJs. The last couple trips have failed, but maybe they got in something new?

That’s when I rounded the corner and saw the BOYS’ PJs.

As I said, the girls’ PJs were at least $10, so imagine my surprise when I discovered the boys’ PJs were $5.50.

WTF? And these weren’t just generic PJs with non-character frogs and bugs on them. These PJs were two pieces with Buzz Lightyear, Diego or Thomas the Tank Engine on them. Meanwhile, the girls’ generic butterfly NIGHTGOWNS (one piece) were $10. I believe the character-wear with Disney princesses and Dora cost even more.

Why do boy PJs cost less? And SO MUCH less. It’s completely unfair. Is it because boys theoretically do not care as much about what is on their PJs? Am I paying extra for the ruffle on the edge? I don’t understand.

Needless to say, my girls came home with Thomas the Tank Engine PJs that said “Boys’ PJs” on the packaging. They might be wearing a lot more boy PJs in the future. They love Toy Story and it’s for bed, so who cares? I want the cheap PJs. Are princesses and Dora REALLY more valuable than Thomas and Buzz? It just seems wrong.

I’m sure there’s some deeper feminist message in all of this that I’m too lazy to explore deeply 15 days postpartum, so for now I’ll just whine and point out the inequality. WTF, ,Walmart/clothing manufacturers? WTF?



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A Break From the Ordinary

Life has been so much better since I bought Rose a wardrobe entirely composed of blue dresses. We used to go to battle every single morning when I tried to get her dressed. She’d fight me, kicking and screaming, not wanting to put her clothes on. She wanted to dress like Cinderella every single day and if she couldn’t, she let us know she was unhappy.

Now that she has all blue dresses, she is happy to pick out a blue dress each morning and change into it from her blue nightgown. Mornings are so much more pleasant. The investment in a blue wardrobe was well worth it despite the presence of a completely lovely hand-me-down wardrobe from her big sister. Perhaps this was her ploy to make sure she got clothes unique to her instead of just wearing the things her big sister passed on? Whatever the case, I thought we were cemented in blue for the summer.

Imagine my surprise– half horror, half joy– when Rose ASKED to wear a yellow dress last week. Instead of her usual blue like Cinderella, she wanted to be yellow like Belle. We didn’t even own a yellow dress in 4T, but Lily’s 5T yellow dress fit the bill. Rose was happy. I was astounded to see her in a different color and terrified that she’d demand yellow dresses every day.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. If she wants yellow dresses every day, this girl is stuck. I’m not buying anymore dresses. She has a blue dress wardrobe and whatever else she already owns from her sister.

The next morning I cringed when I asked which dress she wanted to wear. I was so scared she’d say yellow and then throw a fit when I couldn’t comply. We only had ONE yellow dress in the whole house.

Well, she didn’t want a blue dress. She wanted a white dress like a bride. I happily dressed her in one. It was so refreshing to see her in another color. Blue may be her favorite color, but it’s not her best color by far. Some variety would be nice. She matched her Woof Woof for the day.

The next day she wanted to wear a brown dress. Miraculously, I had a brown dress. How many dresses do we have?! I don’t know what inspired brown. There are no brown-dressed princesses… unless she’s thinking about Cinderella in her maid outfit? Hmmmm… I should ask.

Just when I thought we’d broken our blue dress streak (and feared she’d never want to wear one again), she switched back. Phew. But she happily donned a pair of jeans (JEANS!) and a purple shirt when I told her she had to wear clothes that could get REALLY dirty when she helped us garden the other day.

I can’t even get the girl to wear pants or tights under her dresses without a fight usually, so I was thrilled to think that maybe our clothing battles were over. At least we’ve reached a point where I can sometimes rationalize with her WHY she needs to NOT wear a blue dress. The last time I attempted to get her to wear jeans and a shirt, she was moody all day.

Despite the improvement with allowing something as tacky as jeans to touch her highness’s body, the second we finished gardening she asked for another blue dress. And this morning, she came downstairs naked demanding a blue dress.

Until the next color whim strikes, I guess we’re stuck in the blue. That child knows what she wants. At least there is some recent hope for other colors on the horizon. I’d really like to dress this girl in red sometimes.

Thank goodness Lily’s favorite color is “rainbow”.


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I’m a Strawberry!

You have no idea how much excitement happened here today because I bought the girls new nightgowns. Rose and I went shopping while Lily was at school, so the nightgown was a surprise for her. You’d think I’d given her a Barbie, she was so excited. “Thank you, Mommy! Thank you, Rose!” Both girls immediately put the spaghetti straps to the nightgowns over their arms and paraded around the house with the nightgowns hanging in front of their clothes.

“I’m a strawberry!” Lily declared.
“I a strawberry too!” Rose cried.

They said this over and over and over again while spinning and giggling like crazy.

Sadly I didn't take a picture until they were wearing them properly.

Here I thought I’d just gotten them new pjs during what has lately been nearly a pj shortage crisis. Apparently I got them the best toy on earth– strawberry costumes.

Strawberries like to show off their knees.

I also thought TOYS were what I should be buying my kids as rewards for stuff. Maybe pjs, socks and dresses are the way to go?



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Friday Funnies: An Underwear Tale

I got Lily underwear for Hanukkah. Wait! I swear my intentions were good! I know it sounds like the worst possible presents– like one of those horror stories of what your parents’ got you as a present– but I swear I was given a million not so subtle hints that she really really wanted new underwear.

Now, Lily’s pre-existing underwear were fine. They still pretty much fit her even though she’s been wearing them since we started potty training. Despite this, every single time we were in a store near underwear, she’d seek it out and declare her lust over it.

This happened REPEATEDLY. For months. She wanted Tinker Bell, My Little Pony and Disney princess underwear more than anything. She would go on and on about how she would get this underwear when she grew a little and was bigger. She could not wait to get this underwear.

So even though her old underwear still pretty much fit, I upgraded her a size and bought her four packs of new underwear for Hanukkah: Tinker Bell, Rapunzel, My Little Pony and classic Disney princess underwear. I gave them to her all on one night– it was one of our more expensive nights because each pack of underwear was about $10. Because of all pre-Hanukkah excitement over underwear, I imagined we had viral video material when she opened these things. I mean, who the hell thinks underwear is exciting but a 4 year old? Or a Victoria Secrets designer?

This is what I thought would happen when she opened it:

And this is what actually happened when she opened it:

After all the hype in the store, this was pretty disappointing.

I mean, you’d think she’d be at least a little bit excited about something she’d been asking for with enthusiasm for MONTHS. I began to question my judgment as a mother. Did I really just get my daughter underwear for Hanukkah? Am I THAT mother? Surely I can do better than that. I wouldn’t have gotten it for her as a gift if I didn’t think she REALLY wanted it.

I was sort of glum for the rest of the night as she enthusiastically helped her little sister put her new puzzle together. Later when I took her up to bed, I finally got a hint that she did indeed want the underwear. She went through her drawer and looked at each and every pair of new underwear, proudly announcing what she would be wearing on her butt later.

And then, the next day she said something that confirmed I was not crazy after all.

I knew it! I KNEW she wanted underwear for Hanukkah.

I just wish she’d given us that viral video when she opened it.

Hope your gift-giving garners more initial enthusiasm than mine has.


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The Red Nightgown

This book caused an overnight emergency at my mother’s house.

Lily chose this book at a used book store. For 50 cents, I couldn’t say no to a book about a little girl and her grandmother. Lily was going to visit my mom the next day, so it seemed fitting to get a book about visiting with grandma.

Unfortunately, the book ended up casting my mother and me $15 each, so 60 times what I paid for it.

Lily quickly became obsessed with this page. The little girl is getting ready for bed and has a surprise under her pillow from her grandmother.

Her grandmother hid a red nightgown under her pillow.

Lily: I really want a red nightgown.

Me: You do?

Lily: I want Nonni to get me a red nightgown. And one for Woof Woof.

As I said, she was going to visit my mother, aka Nonni, the very next day.

Me: Well, I don’t know if Nonni has a red nightgown for you, but we’ll be sure to get you one soon. You need more pajamas anyway.

Lily: I really want a red nightgown with polka dots on it like in the book. The grandma gets the little girl a red nightgown and Nonni is my grandma.

Me: Yes.

I called my mom immediately to warn her about the nightgown crisis. She cursed me and my book. “I don’t know if I’ll have time to get a red nightgown before tomorrow!”

Me: You don’t have to get her one. I just thought I’d let you know…

Because seriously, how special would it be for her to find a red nightgown under her pillow the night after she read this book? Pretty special, right?

And so, my mom ran out in the middle of the night on a hunt for red nightgowns. She was in luck, Kohls not only had a red nightgown, it also had a matching one for Woof Woof.

It's not worth going to sleep unless you and your Woof Woof are wearing matching nightgowns.

Naturally, I had to buy one for Rose and Baby Woof Woof too.



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Plain White T

Last Thursday when I dropped Lily off at day camp the counselor stopped me before I could get out the door.

Counselor: Is her t-shirt in her backpack?

Me: What t-shirt?

Counselor: We’re painting t-shirts today. It was in the parent letter?

Me: What parent letter?

I seriously never got a parent letter. This was not negligence on my part. I am absolutely positive I did not get one. I think the counselors got too distracted when I swooped in on Monday and informed them that Lily had food allergies and had medication and a snack in her backpack.

I was supposed to have brought a plain white t-shirt on Thursday so Lily could paint it. Camp STARTED Monday and was only 5 days long.

Now here’s what drives me crazy, and it’s something that has driven me crazy for most of my life: Why do these people assume that I just have a white t-shirt lying around? It’s not just these camp counselors that assume it. My whole life I’ve been given like 2 days notice to appear with a plain white t-shirt so I can paint it/bejewel it/wear it in a play or musical show etc.

When I buy clothes for myself and my children, I go with what is the absolute cutest. Usually our shirts have colors, patterns or embellishments. There are never any extra plain white t-shirts lying around for ME and I’ve been relatively the same size for 15 years. How am I supposed to have extra white t-shirts for my kids, who grow constantly and are different sizes every 6 months? Do normal people just keep a bunch of plain white t-shirts around and I don’t know about it? Because I haven’t seen a lot of kids out wandering about in plain white tees. Almost everyone seems to wear NOT plain white t-shirts almost all the time.

It’s just a lot for various children’s programs to assume that we all have plain white t-shirts around. I would wager that most of us do not. I had to run out that morning to buy  a pack of t-shirts for Lily. Now we DO have a bunch of plain white t-shirts lying around– for 6 months until she outgrows them.

I didn’t mind paying the $6 to get the t-shirt(s), but I wish I’d had more warning. Even if I HAD gotten the parent letter on Monday, that only left a few days for me to get to the store. I would blame this program exclusively, but there is NEVER EVER much warning on this. I remember growing up constantly being asked to bring in or wear plain white t-shirts the day before I needed them. And I never had them! It always involved an emergency trip to the store.

Even more annoying than the plain white tee request was when they asked us to wear plain RED t-shirts. Where do you even find those?

Anyway, as much as I’m bitching about the plain white t-shirt, the artwork they did turned out super cute.

But still, next time a little warning would be nice. Note to organizations at large: We do not all have endless wardrobes that include disposable shirts we can paint. Quit pretending that we do and start including these shirts in the list of things we need to buy in advance.



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