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Black Crayons Forever

Since my whine about there never being enough crayons, I’ve learned that they actually DO sell just one color of crayon. You can buy bulk packs of just one color of crayon!

You can buy one of these bad boys in the basic colors on Amazon or Ebay for about $5. It’s a little bit of an inflated price for only 12 crayons, BUT to get 12 black (or red or blue or green) crayons otherwise, you’d probably have to buy 12 $1 boxes of crayons– so $12 worth of crayons. Sure, you’d get more colors, but BLACK. PEOPLE NEED MORE BLACK! Five dollars for 12 black crayons may well be worth the price!

I haven’t ordered a box yet, but I probably will soon. I’m just so excited that it even exists that I’m sharing the news with the world. You CAN have more black crayons and YOU can have more black crayons! Let’s all have more black crayons!


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Do you know what’s stupid? Even when you buy a ginormous box of crayons, it only comes with ONE black crayon. This doesn’t work very well for two little girls who have a daddy who has black hair. This doesn’t work very well for most people who draw in general. You need black for outlines and shading. Black runs out really quickly no matter what color your dad’s hair is, but it runs out especially quickly around here. My kids fight over the black crayon. But you can’t buy just one black crayon. You have to buy a whole box of crayons.

Do you know what colors run out the quickest in the crayon box? I remember this from my own crayons and observe it in my kids’ crayons. The “pure” colors go first. The kids quickly use up the “red” red, “blue” blue, “yellow” yellow etc. There are a trillion different shades of red in a giant crayon box, but I personally know that the red labeled as “red” is the one you reach for when coloring Elmo or lips. Many of those other shades of red don’t even get touched. It’s frustrating because you get so many freaking crayons, but all you want is the pure red crayon you ran out of the first week you got the crayon box. You’re stuck with these off-color shades for months!

That’s why I’m not buying giant boxes of crayons anymore. All those shades look so exciting when you open that giant box of crayons, but they are lacking. Before you know it, you are crying because you want black and all you have is 50 shades of grey (do you see what I did there?). From now on, we are buying 24 packs or less of crayons. We already have a giant crayon bucket so we don’t exactly need a million shades of each color. Most of them are still there, if broken. What we need are replacement crayons. The 24 pack provides all the best colors without overkill and it’s not as big of a crayon commitment. It’s like $1.24ish, so getting another box of crayons when the black runs out is no big thing.

Seriously, though, the big box of crayons needs to start coming with like 5 each of the primary colors and maybe 10 black crayons and THEN all those other shades. That’s what we need for coloring: The basics PLUS some extras. When there are more extras than main colors, it just doesn’t work.



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