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The Pennies

Lily has never really understood the concept of naming her stuffed animals and dolls. She always names her toys what they are. For example, a stuffed pink bear would be named “Pink Bear”. A doll with a yellow dress would be named “Yellow Dress Doll”. Aside from the one time where she inexplicably named her black Little People doll Calusta, she has never been creative when it came to names.

Well, now we have crazy Rose in the house and the trend of naming things after what they are is slowly coming to an end. It started with this purple “cat” purse. Now that I’m looking more closely at this purse, I realize it is probably a bear. Rose loves cats though and used to call it “Purple Kitty Purse”, so it must be a cat purse.

This “cat’s” name is Penny.

I’ve been trying to figure out where she came up with it. We have a neighbor named Penny. Her father and I are also fans of “Big Bang Theory”, which features a character named Penny. A purse can also hold pennies… but somehow I doubt any of these things influenced the naming of the cat/bear purse. I thought this was funny and intriguing enough, but then today I found out something even more perplexing and hilarious.

This cat’s name is Princess Penelope.

Apparently this cat earned the title “princess” because she is wearing a tiara. Lily tells me Rose named her after a character named Princess Penelope in the book “Ponyella” (BEST BOOK EVER if you have a Cinderella nut whose grandmother owns horses). Princess Penelope is a human girl in the book. She is not a cat.

I asked and Rose did not know that Penny is a nickname for Penelope, yet here we are with two stuffed “cats” with variations on the same name.

I wonder if Penny/Penelope is just a name she really loves or if there is something more to this? Is my future grandchild’s name Penelope?


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