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The Elmo Inside

At my in-laws’ house, the girls discovered a Ticke-Me Elmo voice box that had been dissected from its body. The box still had batteries and continued to talk like Elmo.

The adults looked everywhere, but there was no Elmo carcass to be found. Someone took Elmo’s soul and got rid of his body. It was kind of creepy. More creepy: The girls didn’t understand that the box came from INSIDE the Elmo. They thought a little Elmo was trapped inside the box.

“How do we get the Elmo out?” they asked.

We kept explaining that the box was part of a big Elmo, who wasn’t there anymore.

“No there’s a tiny little Elmo inside the box. We have to get him out! Can you get a screwdriver?”


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Elmo Mania

20-month-old Rose took her Elmo chair and put it on the couch. Then she gathered her other Elmo toys and sat with them on her little throne. She stayed like this for a long time just yelling “Elmo! Elmo! Elmo!”

Her big sister insisted on getting in the picture.

Do you think she might like Elmo a little bit?


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