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Toy WTF: Teacup Piggies Fashion Runway

I love “Project Runway” as much as the next girl, but it surprises me how many fashion design toys line the shelves of Toys R Us these days. While I think some of the toys are helpful for the aspiring 8 year old designer (do 8 year olds watch “Project Runway”?), others are just downright ridiculous. Take this fashion runway teacup pig.

Fashion teacup pigs-- because regular fashion toys aren't ridiculous enough.

That’s right, this teacup pig comes with its own fashions, runway, lights and camera.

I’m not really sure what piggy fashion entails, but when I saw this toy I laughed and laughed. I don’t even have anything clever to say about it, it’s just so ridiculous.

Fashion. For teacup pigs.

Imagine the high demand for such a thing!

I just don’t get it.

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