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Mind Reader

We’ve just finished dinner. I am clearing the table. I do a double check to make sure everyone is done.

Rose: I’m still hungry!
Me: You’re still hungry? I thought you were done!
Rose: You forgot my carrots!
Me: You said you didn’t want carrots, remember? You told me you hated them.
Rose: No, I didn’t!!!
Me: Yes, you did! That’s why I gave you all those grape tomatoes!
Rose: You forgot my carrots! Lily had carrots!
(Lily FOUGHT eating carrots.)
Me: Ok, I’ll give you some carrots, but I didn’t forget them! You TOLD ME not to give them to you so I didn’t.
Rose: You FORGOT my carrots! I LIKE carrots!

End scene. Repeat it tomorrow with a different food.

Why do I listen to her when I’m plating her food?



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