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Confessions: Bad Mom Lunch

This past year, Lily was attending afternoon preschool at 1 p.m. every single week day. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to fit breakfast, lunch and an errand in before leaving for preschool at 12:30 p.m. with two kids who usually wake up at 8:30 a.m., but it’s not easy. In truth, I probably should have kept her home most days, but Rose naps in the afternoon. If I didn’t get out in the mornings, I would never get out at all, and that would end with me being a very unhappy stay at home mom indeed. I’m the type of person who needs to get out every day or I get very cranky.

So, we went to playdates and ran errands even though it meant that sometimes lunch was rushed… or there was no real lunch at all. On days when we couldn’t fit a real lunch into our day or we had less time than expected and I hadn’t packed a “real” lunch, I fed her what I came to call a “Bad Mom Lunch”.

“Bad Mom Lunch” is what you give your kid if you are being negligent enough to put your own satisfaction of hanging out with friends at a playdate ahead of making sure your kid sits down for a proper meal. She would eat this “meal” in the car on the way to school.

“Bad Mom Lunch” is composed of whatever food I happened to have in my diaper bag. It usually contains a cereal bar, a 100 calorie pack of cookies (the gold standard of mid-day travel snacks for moms who feed their kids crappy convenience food), prepackaged peanut butter crackers and a juice box or a sippy cup of water.

Fast food looks like a “Good Mom Lunch” in comparison to the “Bad Mom Lunch”. At least with fast food you made the effort to get your kid a meal, with real (processed) protein. I suppose the peanut butter crackers have protein, but those weren’t always around. Sometimes it was just two cereal bars and some cookies. Sometimes there wasn’t a drink at all. I always figured she’d get a snack and drink at school. Even if she was a little hungry or thirsty, she’d be fed and watered soon enough. BAD MOM!

I suppose when I feed a “Bad Mom Lunch”, I’m still being a good mom in that she’s still getting nourishment before I make her someone else’s problem. I could just drop her off without food in her belly. Now THAT would be a “Bad Mom Lunch”. In a way, a “Bad Mom Lunch” is a “Good Mom Lunch” because on days she had it we had a lot of fun in the morning.

But if I were REALLY a good mom, I’d always have on hand an emergency sandwich, apple and milk instead of prepackaged foods.

But that sounds like an awful lot of effort!

What’s in YOUR “Bad Mom Lunch”?



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Kids Play: Playing with Food

Yesterday I noticed Rose’s food was disappearing at an alarming rate. I knew she had been holding an empty tissue box, but it took a while for me to realize what she was doing with it.

Not only was she stuffing all her food in this box, but she also had a bunch of Little People accessories in there and her pacifier thermometer. I particularly like that the Little People Hanukkah oven is in there with all the food. She just had to prove that 15 month olds are hilarious.

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