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Costume Horse

When you are the third of three girls, you sure get your choice of Halloween costumes, especially if your mom loves Halloween and hoards 25 cent Halloween costumes at garage sales. Violet has been on quiet the costume binge even though she will not be going trick-or-treating tonight. I have no shame with baby clothes and totally use my wee children as props for my own amusement when it comes to Halloween costumes. For example, Violet has been a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch.

And a flower in the grass.

I got hungry the other night so I made her into a bag of popcorn.

She’s also been an elephant because she’s clearly massive.

But her REAL Halloween costume goes along with her big sisters. I have two cows (NOT Chick-Fil-A cows, which is what everyone thought they were when we trick-or-treated Saturday in another town. The horrors!) and Jessie the cowgirl from Toy Story to round them up.

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you have half the fun I did dressing the kids up.


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How to Make Sure Your Kids Are Warm on Halloween

Growing up in the Midwest, I was always freezing on Halloween. We would plan my cute little costume for weeks only to have me wear a giant puffy coat over it so no one could see it. Cold weather always ruined my costume. I was outraged over it for many years.

Flash forward to now. I have three little kids who need Halloween costumes. So far, I’ve managed to keep them warm on Halloween without compromising their costumes OR their need to have princessy parts to the costume. Every year so far I’ve convinced the kids to be animals. Last year the girls were kangaroo ballerinas– kangaroos in tutus.

When I told people what I planned for their costumes last year, they said "Is that an actual thing?" Nope! It's called creativity, people! Use it.

They were warm, they were cute, but they were still animals. While we are out we pass a million and one little girls wearing princess costumes covered with giant puffy coats. Their costumes are ruined and they are unhappy about it. My kids’ costumes got a lot of comments– you could see the whole costume and no one else had anything like it.

This year Lily wanted to be a giraffe in a tutu, which was awesome with me. Rose wanted to be Cinderella. Duh. If she’s Cinderella, she’s going to be one of the masses in her princess costume with a puffy coat over it. I wasn’t excited about this prospect, but she can be whatever she wants to be.

Today I came home with a cow costume for Violet and everybody changed their plans in a fit of “OMG the baby is so cute!” glee. Lily wants to be a “Mommy” cow wearing a tutu. Rose wants to be a horse, but she also wants to be Cinderella.

So she’s going to be both. She is going to be a horse who is pretending to be Cinderella– or a horse in a Cinderella costume.

She’ll be warm. She’ll be a horse. She’ll be Cinderella. She’ll be adorable.

We already have multiple Cinderella costumes. We already have multiple tutus. All I have to do is add the accessories to the animal costumes and we’ll be set.

And that’s how you keep your kids warm on Halloween: Doubled up costumes. An added bonus is that when you add crazy accessories to your plush animal costumes, your kid will surely have one of the most unique costumes on the block. There will be other horses and Cinderellas, but I’m pretty sure Rose will be the only HORSE Cinderella and just as Lily will be the only mommy cow ballerina.

And if you think I’m crazy for starting work on Halloween costumes now, you don’t have children. Halloween celebrations start at the beginning of October these days! It’s non-stop costume activities for weeks and weeks. Candy orgies everywhere. The pounds add up and nobody can fit in their costumes by the time the REAL event actually happens.

Halloween rocks.



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I’m Halloween

When I asked the girls what they wanted to be for Halloween, Rose had no idea what I was talking about whatsoever. Lily said she wanted to be a kangaroo.

She was a kangaroo last year.

While the costume was very cute, I encouraged her to be something else. I like variety! Plus, the old costume was too small and new kangaroo costumes are pretty pricey. I lucked out finding the above costume for something like $8 at a used clothing store. They are about $50 new. But no, she was sure she wanted to be a kangaroo again. Not only that, but she wanted Rose to be a kangaroo.

And we lucked out at the used clothing store again. Both girls could be kangaroos for a measly $6. Being a kangaroo wasn’t enough, though. Last year even with bows everyone thought Lily was a boy. So we decided to make them kangaroo ballerinas.

Due to the lack of cheese cooperation around here, this will have to pass as an acceptable picture.

When Lily was two, she wanted nothing to do with her (pink puppy) costume. I couldn’t keep it on her. Well, Rose is two and her reaction to wearing a kangaroo costume?

“I’m Halloween! I’m Halloween!”

Halloween walking.

Lily: “You’re not Halloween! You’re wearing a costume. You’re a kangaroo ballerina!”

Rose: “No! I’m Halloween!”

Halloweens or kangaroo ballerinas, we’ll be trick-or-treating for a THIRD time tonight.

She didn't realize I was going to take a picture. That's why it turned out ok.

And the Woof Woofs are all ready for tricks and treats!

Lady Bug Baby Woof Woof and Disco Chick Mommy Woof Woof.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Hope my girls cooperate for better pictures tonight!


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A Pirate’s Treasure Hunt

In my experience, you should never carve pumpkins with children under the age of 3. Every time I’ve attempted it, someone has ended up in tears.

So Sunday while Rose was napping, Lily and I sneaked off and carved a pumpkin without her. I gave Lily the job of separating the seeds from the pumpkin goop. Lily claimed my job was the fill the pumpkin with air because pumpkins like to have air in them when they are carved… ok then.

The whole time she picked through the goop, she kept saying “Arrr, I’m a pirate. I have to find all my treasure!” The pumpkin seeds were the treasure, apparently. “I have to dig and dig and dig through all the goop to find all the treasure!” Every time she found a seed, she’d talk about how she found more treasure. I have to agree– once pumpkin seeds are toasted, they really are treasures.

Later she drew a chalk pirate who liked to dig through goop for pumpkin seed treasure.

She went on and on about his "long long legs".

I knew pirates were a dirty lot, but I had no idea they had anything to do with pumpkins.

Our pirate with her carved pumpkin.


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Lollipop Bandit

Last night we went to trick or treat at the local dying “mall” at which it seems our family can’t go without spending at least 3 hours a week. What draws us to this storeless, depressing “mall”? Why do we spend so much time there when there’s nothing there? It’s a mystery to me. Regardless, this post isn’t about our “mall” mystery. It’s about Rose’s lollipop behavior.

Rose loves lollipops. Every time we are in this “mall”, she insists on going to the candy store (Yes, somehow the empty mall supports a candy store. I don’t know how either.) and getting a Dum-Dum. It’s only 5 cents and I’m not all that paranoid about sugar, so I let her get it. This time it was like she won the lotto. People were standing all over the “mall” handing out lollipops. She got at least 10 of them.

Lollipop #1

She could not be contained to a single lollipop. Lollipop after lollipop went into this little kangaroo’s mouth.

They are like crack to her.

“Oh no! The sugar! And at night too!” you are thinking. Don’t worry. She didn’t finish a single lollipop.

She kept handing them back to me whole, telling me she was done and demanding new ones. I guess she wanted to try them all?

In total, she opened five lollipops but probably only consumed half of one lollipop.


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Kids Play: Happy Halloween!

Lily: Mommy, what are you going to be for Halloween?

Me: I don’t have a costume yet.

Lily: We need to get you one! You need a mask (pronounced “mass”).

Me: I guess you’re right. I SHOULD have a costume.

Lily: I’ll help you pick it out. We go to the store and buy you one. And Daddy. Daddy needs a mask too.

How could I say no to that? So this past weekend, we went to Meijer and hoped to find the perfect masks while we were grocery shopping. They didn’t have anything my husband or I liked, but Lily was insistent that we get these too “frightful” (per the packaging) masks.

My mask is the one that looks like Freddie Krueger. When I put it on, she told me I looked pretty. My scary mask makes the baby laugh.

Lily keeps making my husband and I put on our masks and then she puts on a mask she made at preschool. Excellent pom pom ball placement, don’t you think?

While we are all wearing the masks, she tells us that our masks and her art project mask “match the same”.

We’re going to be quite the sight trick-or-treating– a kangaroo, a butterfly and two masked thugs.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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Pumpkin Carving Always Makes Someone Cry

Last year, my older daughter Lily was reduced to tears (and tantrum) when I wouldn’t let her touch the knife I was using to carve her pumpkin.

She was only 2 when we were carving last year’s pumpkin and this year understands my explanations a lot more. I was pretty sure not being allowed to touch the knife wouldn’t cause a break down this year, but I knew 1 year old Rose wouldn’t understand it. In an effort to avoid tears over pumpkin guts this year, I had my husband keep Rose inside while we were carving.

My efforts failed. Rose knew Lily and I were outside and was upset she wasn’t allowed to help with all the fun pumpkin carving. We ended up bringing her outside and she crawled around happily not touching the knife the entire time. Next year I’m pretty sure we won’t be so lucky.

I wanted to start a lot of traditions in our family about Halloween, but crying over pumpkin carving wasn’t one I would have predicted.

Do your holiday traditions accidentally cause tears? Share your funny stories on this blog by emailing them to creativekidsplay@gmail.com.


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