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How to Lose Your Bedtime Story, Part 12480948

Dr. Toy Warden was working late the other night and I was home alone with the three girls. He usually does bedtime with the big girls while I take care of the crybaby’s endless bedtime fussing, nursing and bed prep. Since Daddy wasn’t due home until 9 and the baby usually goes to bed at 8, I had to get things started myself.

I set the big girls up with their Leapster Explorers AND Nick Jr. and told them to be quiet and sit still while I put the baby to bed. They had tons to do. They were each holding a Leapster Explorer with new games in each of them. Dora was on tv. There was no reason for them to move one inch from the couch to get into any trouble.

About 15 minutes later, I’d just gotten the baby to sleep when I hear “DON’T PUSH ME! ROSE PUSHED ME! WAH WAH WAH!” from Lily.

Lily generally gets along with everyone great, but she’s been a huge pain in the butt since Rose got a Leapster Explorer for her birthday. We got Rose the Explorer because we knew she enjoyed playing Lily’s game and we figured we’d avoid fights and allow overall happiness if each girl had one.

We were wrong.

When we bought Rose’s Explorer, we also got her a new princess game cartridge. Keep in mind that Lily had gotten a new Toy Story game cartridge as a gift when her grandparents visited about 2 weeks ago. She has a new game. She loved the new game until, of course, Rose got a new game.

The first day Rose had the game, I felt she didn’t have to share much. It was HER brand new toy. I might have given Lily a chance to play it that day, but she was up in Rose’s face and would not back down no matter how many times Rose and I asked her. She repeatedly got in trouble and spent most of the morning before afternoon preschool sobbing in her room. Rose sometimes likes Lily to help her play a game, but after a while Rose understood the game and Lily would not get away. She kept pressing the screen and pissing Rose off. Big trouble all day. If she had let Rose play the game for more than 10 minutes without getting in her face, Lily would have been allowed to play the game a lot sooner.

Lily finally got to play the game that evening after preschool and some good behavior.

Because of what had been happening the other days, when Lily screamed that Rose pushed her, I had a good idea of what happened. I’m sure Rose did push Lily, but I’m also sure that Lily deserved it.

Lily kept screaming and screaming for me and about the pushing and woke up the baby. The cranky, fussy, impossible in the evening, just-spent-15-minutes-getting-her-to-sleep baby.

No. Just no. Unacceptable.

I stormed downstairs with my awake and crying baby to find Lily in Rose’s face crying about the pushing, but obviously being closer to Rose than she should have been and obviously trying to hijack Rose’s game again even though Lily had her own almost brand new game to play.


Rose shouldn’t have pushed, but Lily got in big trouble too. Lily kept claiming that she had not been too close to Rose, but I’m absolutely certain that Lily was up in Rose’s face and invading her space to see that stupid princess game.

They only had to be quiet and good for 15 minutes, but they fought anyway and woke up the baby.

And that’s how you lose your bedtime story. And your Leapster Explorers for 48 hours.


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Friday Funnies: How to Lose Your Bedtime Story v. 3.0

It’s been a while since anyone has lost her bedtime story at our house, but SOMEBODY did that very thing tonight giving me fuel for a long overdue Friday Funny.

How to Lose Your Bedtime Story

Even if she was hungry, we were talking about MAYBE 20 minutes of pick-up tops even if she worked slowly. The house is inexplicably in order this week. We’ve been home most of the time, so really the toy spatter should be more chaotic than usual, but it’s not. I don’t get it. I shouldn’t question it. It won’t last.

Rose rarely does much to help clean. I mean, she’s newly 2. I don’t expect much from her in the cleaning department, but she was totally into it tonight. Meanwhile Lily just stood there doing nothing. I repeated my orders several times and was picking up toys myself. Nothing from Lily.

I asked her this several times. Repeated my instructions. Asked again. She again claimed she didn’t know. I sent her to time out. When she came out, I asked her again what she should be doing as she stood there not cleaning. She said she didn’t know. I repeated myself AGAIN.

I asked her where she thought it was. She said she didn’t know so she couldn’t help. Meanwhile, her 2 year old sister is putting food in the oven.

And that’s how you lose your bedtime story, snack and tuck-in service at our house.


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Friday Funnies: How to Lose Your Bedtime Story v. 2.0

And now, another crudely-drawn cartoon.

Lily knows how to put on both her pull-up and pjs without any trouble. She isn’t trying to make a joke by putting it on wrong, she’s just trying to procrastinate and get me to help her. We go through this every night and it makes her bedtime routine take forever. I’ve started giving her to the count of five with consequences to put on her pjs. Usually this works, but that particular night she still pretended like her shirt was impossible to put on. It wasn’t.

That night she ended up sleeping in just a pull-up because after I walked out of the room she never attempted to put on her pjs.

Isn’t bedtime fun?

Good news, everyone, I bought proper drawing equipment. The crudely-drawn cartoons will be slightly less crude starting next week!



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Friday Funnies: How to Lose Your Bedtime Story

And now another crudely-drawn cartoon based on a true story.

Lily asks to eat after she brushes her teeth at least every other night. We have been on her case to eat a snack before she goes upstairs, but she always claims she is not hungry or refuses to eat what we offer. Then, the second she’s tucked in she asks for food. We’ve put the “no food after you get upstairs” rule in place. Add that to the constant reminders I give her to pee before she puts on her pull-up and then NOT pee in her pull-up if she’s awake and you’ll probably understand why I walked out of her room without her precious bedtime stories.

Because no.

V. 2.0 of “How to Lose Your Bedtime Story” is in queue for next Friday.


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