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The week before Violet arrived was a comedy of errors. In addition to my first speeding ticket, a bunch of other bizarre things happened. I had weeks of daily often painful false labor and went to the hospital twice incorrectly before we finally just scheduled an induction. For the first time in the five years we lived here, the giant florescent light in our kitchen burned out all of a sudden despite having four separate rod bulbs necessitating an emergency trip to Home Depot and a two-man installation project.

The week had been turbulent enough when the night before my scheduled induction Rose was twirling around the living room and stumbled and fell into the corner of the entertainment center. A dark bruised welt immediately appeared on her forehead and swelled up into a huge knot. After about two minutes, I announced we were taking her to the ER to get her checked out.

That’s right. The DAY before I had a baby, I had to rush my other baby to the ER. I was sitting in the ER having contractions while holding my hurt kid. Over the course of six days, our family made FOUR hospital visits. I guess we really like hospitals. Or something.

It just felt like the world was playing a huge joke on us. Who ends up in the ER with their 2 year old the night before they are scheduled to go to the hospital to have a baby? Who gets a speeding ticket while 9 months pregnant? Who has timeable uncomfortable contractions for nearly 3 weeks before she delivers and can’t tell if she is in labor despite the fact it is her third baby?


As we sat in the waiting room of the ER cuddling poor little Rose (who seemed fine aside from the scary looking lump), I joked to my husband that Rose just wanted to make sure she got to spend as much “special” time with us as she possibly could before she became a big sister. Clearly she just needed more attention before she wasn’t our youngest child anymore.

Rose’s head is fine. They didn’t even need to run a CT scan. As it turns out, however, her bumping her head turned out to be more convenient than we ever would have thought. Despite the fact that she’d been perfectly cheerful and hadn’t had a runny nose or any other signs of being sick lately, she apparently had an ear infection. There’s a chance the ear infection is the reason she fell and bumped her head in the first place. Looking back, she has been awfully klutzy this week. Had she not bumped her head, later this week she would have developed a fever right when we brought home a newborn. Or she would have been super cranky from the ear infection and we would have ignored it because we thought she was acting out because we’d just brought home a new baby. Or we would have realized something was wrong and had to deal with getting her to the doctor while taking care of a brand spanking new baby.

So really, bumping her head turned out to be a good thing.

But man, Violet’s birth week was way way WAY too eventful for my tastes.


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“Just a Little Big”

Wednesday I left you all hanging over whether or not poor Lily would have to live as a “Big Tooth” for the rest of her life (or until she gets her permanent teeth. Whatever.). Luckily, our dentist was very understanding about her self-consciousness and got us in right away. By the time “Big Tooth” posted on here, the procedure was done.

Lily was especially silly on laughing gas this time. She told me she had a big pink nose with an eye on top of it. And she did.

Getting doped up for the big "buzzing stick".

Despite my best efforts to prepare her for the sanding tool, she shouted and dodged it to the best of her ability. I can’t say I blame her. I don’t know about you, but when I’m lying in the dentist’s chair and that buzzing tool is coming at me, my instinct is to turn my head and say “NO! STOP!” But I’m an adult and that’s not how adults act at the dentist for some reason, so I behave myself.

The dentist did the best he could fighting her attempts to dodge him. He even got the tool stuck in his glove and almost cut himself! All so Lily wouldn’t be a Big Tooth anymore. In the end, he got the tooth smaller. It’s still far from perfect, but Lily is ok with it. “It’s just a little big,” she told me after we got home. I’m just happy she’s not depressed about it anymore.

Still the cutest kid I know.

When we got home she promptly announced “My tooth is small! Now I can watch ‘Team Umi Zoomi’!” And so she did.

Glad that drama is over.


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Da Tooth: Story of an injury mystery

*I made the pictures giant in this one because baby teeth are too tiny to see what happened in the standard size.

Lily almost gave me a heart attack the other night.

We were in her room getting ready for bed and she says to me “I’m getting bigger. My tooth came out.” her finger was in her mouth.

I said “Yes, you are getting bigger, but you won’t lose your teeth for a while.”

Then she moved her finger and I saw that a good chunk of her front tooth was missing at a jagged angle.

“My tooth came out.”

When you first see something like this as a mother, it looks so much more giant than it actually is.

After I died of shock, I explained to her that her tooth hadn’t come out because she was getting bigger, it came out because it was hurt and broken and it would have to be fixed. She said it hurt a lot, so my husband took her to the emergency room at 9 pm on a Friday and was turned away with numbers to a dentist.

This angle, though far off, shows best how insane the break is.

We are baffled as to what happened, and that’s the “kids play” part of things here. Lily had been running up and down the hall with her 20-month-old cousin chasing and throwing beach balls. They’d been giggling and having a blast. We never heard any big bang. We never heard any crying. She just kept playing and having fun. This whole tooth fracture remains a giant mystery.

If you see her tooth fragment on the floor in this picture, let me know. We never found it.

Lily is only 3 1/2 years old and while she talks well, it’s still hard to get her to tell us what happened. When she does tell us things, we’re never sure if what she’s saying actually happened, she imagined it or she’s just saying it because we mentioned something similar. Three year olds are just too suggestable! If we asked her if she broke it blowing bubbles, she’d probably say yes.

After a lot of questioning, we THINK she fell in the hallway and bumped her tooth on the floor, it hurt, but she got up and kept playing because she was having too much fun to be bothered by complaining about some silly tooth pain. There’s a good chance that we put this story into her head and something else entirely different happened. There’s even a chance it happened the day before and it didn’t register to me when I looked at her.

I was really surprised she remembered her teeth came out when she got older, but I was more surprised when she kept correcting us when we told her the doctor would fix her tooth.

“No, not the doctor! I need to go to the dentist!”


I spent a sleepless night freaking out that the dentist might pull her tooth or leave it in there jagged and painful looking for the next 2-4 years until she gets her permanent teeth! I know kids with missing or chipped teeth are cute, but I wanted her beautiful perfect little mouth back!

I hope this beautiful little mouth is more than just a memory.

Tiny Lily sat in the giant chair like a superstar even though it was her first time there. I, on the other hand, was a nervous wreck waiting for the x-rays to develop and hoping she wouldn’t bite the dentist. I’ve been negligent in making her first dental appointment and now her first dental experience is THIS?! Will there be a dental phobia for life?

I was so relieved when we found out she not only gets to keep the tooth, but they will fix the chip next week because she fractured it so close to the nerve. You have no idea how relieved I am about this! Well, not the part where she fractured her tooth close to the nerve and will have a sensitive tooth for a week, but the part where we get her perfect smile back. Thank goodness.

That beautiful little smile will hopefully make a return appearance Tuesday.

Four days into this thing and the chip tooth is kind of growing on me as cute, but still! Nice healthy-looking teeth are preferred.

Gapped tooth kids are definitely cute once you get over the initial shock!

I was about to say that this was Lily’s first major injury, but then I remembered the ER trip for a concussion following her plummet from her crib at 17 months. Somehow, I was more freaked out about this tooth thing than I was about her head. God, I’m vain! Though in my defense, she was acting fine with the head thing so I was fairly certain we were at the ER just as a precaution. This broken tooth had visible and potentially semi-permanent implications! (VAIN!!!!)

In any case, this was our first injury mystery. I am sure there are many more to come!



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