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3 Year Old Authors, Part 1

I’m hoping this becomes a regular series on the blog. The other day, Lily asked me to help her “write” a book. My “helping” involved asking leading questions , writing down what she said and then drawing pictures to go with it. The result, I think, is pretty hilarious. We ended up “writing” two different books that day and I hope many are to come.

This was actually the second book we wrote that afternoon. She said she wanted to write a book about our house.

She was very upset that I wasn’t able to fit the garage on the cover.

Stellar drawing, as usual. I managed to get the garage in that one! Lily thought it was very important to depict that there are butterflies in her room and ladybugs in Rose’s room.

Lily thought including the tv was VERY important. For hours after I drew it, she kept flipping back to this drawing and saying “Look, Mommy, you drew the tv! I watch tv when I’m tired.”

I wish she’d take a NAP when she was tired, but I suppose that ship has sailed.

We have swum in that pool exactly two times EVER, but I guess it’s made an impression on her. She was the one who described it as “QUITE a big pool”. I will credit her love of “Peppa Pig” for that one.

The octagon window overlooks our porch where our front door is. A tall person could look in it. Is this not the most insane place for an irregularly shaped window ever? You can’t open it. You can’t put a curtain on it. It’s the bane of my existence. Be gone, octagon bathroom window! That doctor kit was right next to us, so it was heavy on her mind. Actually, she talked about this a ton for days while we waited for Thiago’s birthday party.

Get ready, this next page will make you die of cute.

I asked what else was in our house and this is what she said. She insisted that I draw us drawing. It’s so meta.

Stay tuned Thursday for another poorly drawn collaborative book by Lily and me. And please, if you ever make a book like this send it in! I’d love to publish more of them on the blog and submissions are always welcome (and originally the point of the blog, but it’s sort of taken on a life of its own since then). Please send toy play pictures, mommy cartoons, Toy WTFs and books by 3 year old authors to creativekidsplay@gmail.com.




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