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Old-Fashioned Television Set

Last month when we painted our house, we insulted our 5-year-old television set. We carefully moved it from the tv stand to the ground, left it there for a day while I painted, carefully cleaned it with a Clorox wipe and carefully returned it to the tv stand. When we tried to turn it back on, nothing happened.

We panicked. Who wouldn’t? New tvs aren’t cheap and we haven’t upgraded to HD yet. Yes, I know. We live in the stone ages, but I really don’t care. I’ve seen how fantastic the picture quality is on HD, but really, regular old-fashioned tv is fine for me. I prefer not to spend the money to upgrade.

Amid our collective panic attack, I stopped painting and we headed to Walmart to contemplate a new tv.

Even with a low-end smallish HDTV, if we were to buy the appropriate cables and wall mount the whole ordeal would set us back about $500.

I felt like crying. It’s not that we didn’t have $500, but there are so many things I want more than an HDTV, which I don’t really want at all.

We came home to think over what to do some more. I looked over at the tv and it was on.


TV miracle. It must have been scared into working when it heard we were shopping.

It’s worked absolutely fine this last month until Sunday when it wouldn’t turn on again after… nothing. It had been sitting peacefully on the tv stand this whole time. We turned it off, went upstairs for bed and it wouldn’t turn on when we came down in the morning.

I tried all the most technical ways to get the tv working again– poking at the switch and plug, punching it, yelling… even loudly tv shopping in front of the tv didn’t scare it back into working. It was dead.

We panicked again. The more I thought about it, the more I didn’t want an HDTV. I mean, it would be beautiful and the picture quality would be great and we’d look like we lived in 2011 instead of 1995, but there are 10 zillion other things I rather spend $500 on first. I don’t care about my picture quality. As long as I can see a regular picture without a lot of fuzz, I’m happy.

So we went to Craigslist and my husband ended up at an an Economy Inn that was upgrading to HD and getting rid of all its old Phillips flat screen tube tvs. They were offering them for $60 each, but offered my husband two for $90.

And that’s how we ended up with two “new” flat screen tube tvs. We figure we have a back-up in case the living room tv goes out again so we can put off investing in HD indefinitely… or at least until people start coming in our house and saying “Wow, what year is it?” or tube tvs become illegal or something.

(We’re trying not to think about what people in hotels watch on tvs. It doesn’t matter. I wiped them down. We’re pretending like these tvs are wholesome.)

If all goes well, I won’t have to panic about HD again for at least 10 years. But by then we’ll probably all be watching tv on something else all together. And we’ll probably be the last people to get that too.

Because I just don’t care. Give me the cheap old-fashioned tv set over HD any day.



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