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Three Sisters

Now that Violet is almost here, Lily has insisted that Violet’s Little Baby Woof Woof join us in activities. If it wasn’t enough to keep track of two children while nearly 9 months pregnant, I generally have to keep track of two Woof Woofs. This isn’t so bad when each kid carries her own Woof Woof, but now I have three Woof Woofs and two children to round up. It’s kind of like rounding up five children while lugging around a 5.5 pound fetus on a bad hip. I’m trying to keep three Woof Woof events to our yard, but sometimes all three Woof Woofs must attend other events.

Lily likes to make all three Woof Woofs ride the swing at the same time.

I wonder if Little Baby Woof Woof will have to come with us everywhere once Violet is born, but is still too little to care? Then I’ll be toting three Woof Woofs, one baby and a diaper bag.

We might have to get a full-sized van if this happens. The Woof Woofs may start requesting their own seatbelts and we can’t let them ride in an unsafe way.


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