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The Birthday Party

My mom had an amazing birthday party this year, only she didn’t get to attend it in person. Her Little People counterpart attended in her place. When Lily and Rose realized it was their grandmother’s birthday, they immediately set up a birthday party with their Little People dolls. I haven’t discussed this in a while, but every single member of our extended family has a Little People counterpart (The pictures in the post I just linked to have disappeared. Trying to figure out what happened and get it fixed.). They all live in strategically placed “houses” (decorated plastic boxes) around the playroom. My mom’s tiny plastic figurine is from a MegaBloks stable set and is forever in her horseback riding habit, which is pretty accurate actually.

All of the Little People came to the birthday party. They mostly stayed segregated by family or type, but they were all there to wish my mom a happy birthday. My mom’s birthday party was attended by all of the Disney princesses and many of the princes. Even our duplicate princess Little People were in attendance. They all sang and danced and ate cake, repeatedly wishing my mother a happy birthday.

I wish tiny plastic princesses came to MY birthday party.


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The Case of the Missing Princess

A few weeks ago while Lily was out of town, we got Rose the Little People Disney Princesses. Before Lily even came home from her trip to my parents’ house, Tiana was missing. I know this because Lily came over to the computer and saw a previous post on this blog that had a picture of all the princesses together.

“Mommy, there are seven princesses in this picture, but we only have six princesses here. Where’s Tiana?”

Where indeed. I thought Tiana would show up. Most toys usually do, but Tiana wasn’t turning up. When it had been a couple weeks and I hadn’t seen her despite a deep playroom clean, I emptied every toy bin and every toy shelf to see if she was hiding. She wasn’t.

Tiana’s disappearance was truly a mystery.

I looked through Rose and Lily’s room, then Violet’s room. Nothing. I hadn’t searched my own room yet because no missing toy has turned up there yet.

I had all but given up on Tiana when today my husband emailed me this picture of himself from work.

Tiana had been hitching a ride in his work backpack for weeks! He went to grab his lunch and out came Tiana!

One of my friends tells her son that his missing toys have gone on vacation and will have good stories to tell when they eventually show up again. Well, Tiana truly did go on vacation. I wonder if she picked up much organic chemistry while she was at the university!

Why Rose put Tiana in Dr. Toy Warden’s backpack, we’ll never know, but it sure made four out of five of us laugh a lot when we found out where she’d been.


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Last week we were walking through Target and I saw this.

ZOMG Disney Princess Little People

I almost passed out, I was so excited.

And no, no one is paying me to endorse this toy. I’m just saying I was super duper excited. I wanted these dolls BAD. For the kids, of course.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know my kids LOVE Little People and have created an entire Little People universe that replicates their own world. They have a Little People figurine to represent each of their important family members. They’ve made appropriate houses for each family. They also love the Disney princesses and play with their stupid little plastic dolls with impossible rubber dresses just about everyday. Little People that are Disney princesses? There couldn’t be a more perfect toy for my kids.

As perfect as it was, I had to wait for a REASON to buy them this toy. Their birthdays are soon, but not soon enough. I needed this toy NOW. They needed this toy now.

So when Rose started using the potty and we told her she could have any toy she wanted, I made sure we went back to Target (it’s a Target exclusive toy) to “pick out” the toy. I led her right up to the princess Little People and asked if she wanted them. Of course she said yes. And we left with them.

And that’s how Rose “chose” her potty training reward. I didn’t show her any other toys, I just took her to the toy I wanted for her.

It was probably a little too manipulative of me, but you know what? She’s been playing with those Little People princesses since the second we took them out of the box. As predicted, she loves them and they fit into her toy world perfectly.

But then again, the same thing probably would have happened with any other toy she actually picked out for herself instead of having me stack the cards to get the toy I wanted for her (and Lily).


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Little People Wake Up

Violet’s witching hour currently coincides with my usual blog writing time. Someday, we will get back to our regularly scheduled program, but for now we have an insane clusterfeeder from 7-10 pm every night. I nurse her and burp her and nurse her and burp her and change her and burp her then nurse her and burp her and change her and just when I think I’m in the clear to put her down, she wants to nurse and burp and be changed again. It’s all worth it because it leads up to her sleeping her first stretch for 4-7 hours without interruption, which I think most people with babies would verify is AWESOME for a newborn.

ANYWAY, my children and parenting are still amusing. To me, anyway. And hopefully to you too.

Last week, Rose beat Lily down the stairs in the morning. Rose went straight to the playroom, which has been happening a lot in the morning. They’ve been going in the playroom before they come to the kitchen. Since I’m typically nursing a baby at that moment and Dr. Toy Warden is off professing organic chemistry, I haven’t had a chance to check on what they are doing.

Then I heard Lily yell down the stairs “ROSE! Don’t forget to wake up the Little People! You need to make it daytime!”

And that’s when I learned that almost every morning, Lily and Rose come downstairs, switch their Little People’s house window from the moon to the sun and take all their Little People out of bed.

I also learned that before they go to bed, they put their Little People family to bed too.

Apparently it’s very important to keep the dolls on a schedule, otherwise they get cranky.

I wonder how long this has been going on and how I missed it until now?


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Little People Prepare For Baby

Apparently this is what’s going to happen when Violet is born. Ever since we found Baby Rose/Violet, Lily has been demonstrating this play sequence with her Little People over and over and over again.

Everyone including my parents will be sleeping at our house. Although the baby is still in my stomach, she already sleeps in a cradle in Little People World. Although my parents live 3.5 hours away, they somehow are visiting us when I go into labor. That WOULD be convenient, but probably won’t happen unless I am induced. I’ve gone into labor 1-2 weeks early naturally, so we probably will be scrambling to find a caretaker for the girls when this baby comes. I have a list of about 10 different local families we could call and I’m STILL nervous we won’t be able to find someone! Last time the four families we had lined up were busy when I went into labor!

Lily, Rose, Mommy, Daddy and Violet load into the back of the car while Poppy drives and Nonni rides on the roof rack. This is exactly how we all go places in real life. It’s totally safe to clown car it everywhere.

Before we go to the hospital for Little People Mommy to have the baby, we drive 3.5 hours away to visit my grandparents, Nana and Pa. They live in a yellow plastic box. This scenario will not be happening and not just because of the plastic box. I will not be driving more than 30 minutes away from this house until the baby comes out.

Everyone “visits” at Nana and Pa’s for a while. No talking occurs. We just have to wait for everyone to finish “visiting” silently inside the yellow plastic box before further play can continue.

And then everyone but Nana and Pa load in the car again to go to the hospital.

This upside-down purple jack-o-lantern is the hospital. Obviously.

Inside the hospital, everyone circles around the new baby to “look at her”.

And then everyone gets in the car to go home again. Over and over and over again.

I hope Lily’s not disappointed when this is not how things really play out when I go into labor. Chances are she will be hanging out with a family she barely knows while my mom gets her affairs in order 3.5 hours away and then drives here. My dad won’t come for a couple of days. We won’t all ride in the same car or see my grandparents. And the baby HOPEFULLY won’t be out of my belly until we get to the hospital, though I suppose that remains to be determined. I really don’t want an accidental homebirth, so let’s wait to come out until we get to the hospital, ok Violet?


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Return of Baby Rose

This is Baby Rose as a Little People figurine.

For two years, this little doll represented Rose in Lily’s Little People universe. Around the time Rose turned 2 years old, this baby in a basket didn’t seem appropriate for her anymore. We bought a new “big girl Rose” to replace Baby Rose.

Baby Rose immediately disappeared. I don’t know what happened, but we couldn’t find her for the life of us. Lily wanted to play with BOTH Rose dolls at once, but no matter how many times I completely tore apart the playroom, Baby Rose wasn’t turning up. It was bizarre because Lily is VERY anal about her Little People. They all represent extended family members and live in their own houses in specific places around the playroom. Their houses represent how far away from us they live. They have to load into the car to visit each other at each other’s houses. She notices right away and gets upset if someone isn’t in their proper house or goes missing. We usually find them pretty quickly. For Baby Rose to go completely missing was truly a mystery.

Baby Rose had been missing for more than 6 months. We had all given up on her. Then last week I was reorganizing the playroom, which I do periodically. This was not the first time in the last six months. In fact, it was not the first time in the last month, which is why it was an utter miracle AND mystery that Baby Rose turned up when I moved aside a puzzle box. How on earth had she been hiding behind the same puzzle box for six months? Surely it’s been moved within that time period.

I shouted for joy and Lily and Rose came running over. Everyone was SUPER excited to see Baby Rose again. As you can see, Baby Rose and Big Girl Rose look exactly the same.

Lily declared that Baby Rose was now Baby Violet, even though we have other baby Little People. I’m sure half Asian/half Ashkenazi Jew Violet will have blonde hair just like her big sisters… don’t.

Anyway, the doll’s timing in reappearing was impeccable. The baby will be here in the next 4 weeks. We needed a Baby Violet SOON!

Stay tuned tomorrow to see the complex play that developed when Baby Violet got added into the family mix.



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The Scapegoat Answer

The correct answer to yesterday’s mystery was d) inside a rogue Halloween trick-or-treat pumpkin.

I was beginning to think we’d never see 50% of our Little People again. I walked into the kitchen and noticed somebody has left our purple trick-or-treat pumpkin under the breakfast bar. Most people only use trick-or-treat pumpkins on Halloween. At our house, these pumpkins have been year-long toys for two years running. The kids love to stuff them full of toys and carry them around.

The pumpkin had a Sleeping Beauty baby doll sticking out the top. It appeared the doll was filling up the whole pumpkin, but when I picked it up, I heard something rattle. Half the pumpkin was filled with Sleeping Beauty, but the other half contained all the missing Little People. PHEW! Huge relief!

When Lily heard this, she ran up, grabbed the bucket and returned all the Little People to their rightful homes.

So, Rose was innocent in that she didn’t throw away our precious Little People. My husband claims she loves the Little People too much to commit such a heinous crime, but I’m not so sure. Garbage cans are pretty fun. Rose was still guilty, though, in that she was CLEARLY the one who relocated our Little People. Lily has special houses for each Little People and is really anal about keeping them there. And Rose haphazardly shoves them in buckets and carries them around.

If only she’d answered me when I repeatedly asked where the Little People were! We could have saved ourselves a couple hours of search, rescue and worry!


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The Banishment of the Ball Popper

A few weeks ago, Mommy Little People was missing. We looked everywhere, she wouldn’t turn up. Finally, I discovered her lodged in our ball popper. It took quite a bit of mechanical work to get Mommy Little People back out of the ball popper. My husband had to use a screwdriver to dismantle the whole thing and still had trouble getting Mommy out.

This wasn’t the first time I found a Little People lodged in the ball popper, but it was the first time we couldn’t get the thing out without tools. I made an announcement.

“If you ever put another Little People in the ball popper, the ball popper is going in the basement. I don’t care how much you like the ball popper, but your Little People don’t go in it.”

Because you know if we weren’t able to get a Little People family member out, tears would be shed.

Well, this week Daddy Little People was missing. Guess where we found him?

How does this even happen?

Daddy and the ball popper almost didn’t make it without the help of a sledge hammer. Both survived, but it was close.

Goodbye, ball popper. You were fun and annoying, but not worth the headache until we have an actual baby to play with you again.



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Mommy Elf

These photos were contributed by my old high school pal Katie.

Apparently my children are not only ones who think their Little People represent people in their lives. When Katie’s son Max saw this Little People Christmas elf, he immediately declared it was “Mommy”.

Clearly this little elf looks just like Katie.

It especially looks like her when she makes that face.

You might notice that the elf is holding a paintbrush. Katie thinks this might be our clue as to why Max thinks this elf is her.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who resorts to posing toys on the toilet. Bathroom lighting can't be beat.

Katie just finished painting her kitchen blue, the same color as what’s on the elf’s brush.

Now do you see the resemblance?

Reader contributions are always welcome here on Creative Kids Play. Email your anecdotes to creativekidsplay@gmail.com.



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Full House

Every so often Lily’s Little People have a slumber party the likes of which I’ve never seen.

Actually, I have seen this before. This looks like the party aftermath in “16 Candles”.


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